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Embark on a mesmerizing adventure with Magical Africa’s Zanzibar Tours. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Zanzibar’s culture, from the historic lanes of Stone Town to the pristine beaches. Our expertly curated tours promise an enchanting blend of exploration and relaxation, ensuring an unforgettable experience in this tropical paradise.



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Zanzibar Tours – Private Safari

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Zanzibar Tours – Private Safari

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For those wishing to enjoy a little pure downtime, perhaps following an action-packed safari, our Zanzibar itinerary offers the perfect blend of luxury, simplicity and all the idyllic pleasures of beach life.

We have chosen from among Zanzibar’s best beach lodges options which are suitable for either families or those seeking an intimate, sophisticated retreat.

Situated on the east coast of Africa, Zanzibar offers visitors all they could want from a beach destination along with a colorful cultural and historical experience.  Surrounded by the warm, clear waters of the Indian Ocean, Zanzibar’s history dates back hundreds of years.  

Most notable, and still visible in the architectural styling of Stone Town, were periods when the island fell loosely under the stewardship of Oman and Portugal.  Due to its location on the spice route from Europe to India, there are, to this day, suggestions of these cultural influences in the local cuisine, with a mouth-watering array of spicy seafood dishes, a specialty.

The Zanzibari beach experience is a far cry from the overdeveloped resort towns familiar to many westerners.  The nightlife, for example, is the embodiment of tranquility, with just the sound of rippling wavelets on the shore under the twinkling glow of the Milky Way to keep you entertained.  Bliss!

The beaches are uncluttered and it is still possible to walk for miles collecting shells without encountering much in the way of distraction.  People love the essentially pristine nature that abounds, both in the verdant tropical vegetation, the diverse birdlife and the rich aquatic diversity found beneath the waves.

We’ve purposefully left your schedule entirely up to your discretion, whether you’d like to while away the hours soaking up the rays with a cocktail in hand, or venture from one exciting activity to the next – is entirely up to you.  Just as a day on the beach should be.


Zanzibar Tours - Family Vacation

OVERNIGHT OPTION 1:   Baraza Resort & Spa

Ranking in the top 25 beach hotels worldwide, the Baraza Resort & Spa is the ideal playground for you to unwind in opulent comfort.  With styling and décor reminiscent of a time when the island was a sultanate, you will be immersed in a refined ambiance sure to have you feeling like pampered royalty. 

The resort is styled as a coastal palace, complete with Arabic architecture, golden adornments and swaying palm trees.  Everything, from the hospitality to the cuisine to the 30 luxuriously appointed villas is purposefully guest-centric.

Four restaurants – open at varying times throughout the day – offer a delectable range of dishes appealing to all tastes.

The villas are luxurious, spacious and appointed with numerous amenities, including an entertainment center, mini bar and terrace with a plunge pool.  The en-suite bathroom has both a shower and bathtub.

In these surroundings, you are free to indulge in whichever activity appeals to you.  Please make further inquiries on arrival.  There are an array of cultural experiences, ranging from Swahili lessons to traditional cookery.  Excursions to Zanzibar’s historical highlights can also be arranged.  The Water Club offers equipment and instruction in various sailing activities, kayaking and paddle-boarding.  Beginner and experienced SCUBA divers are catered for at a nearby diving center. 

OVERNIGHT OPTION 2:   Mnemba Island Lodge

Reached via a short ferry trip, Mnemba Island Lodge is the epitome of a sun-drenched island paradise.  The lodge has an impeccable destination for its family-friendly hospitality, understated barefoot luxury, and selection of seaside activities.

The lodge centers around an open-sided thatched structure where drinks and delectable meals are served.  The option of in-room dining is also available on request.

Twelve beachside bandas bring chic styling to a rustic backdrop – with each unit spaced for optimal privacy and appreciation of the views.  Fashioned primarily of indigenous material, the bandas are furnished with hand-carved pieces which accentuate the island-style ambiance, as the ocean breeze drifts through slatted shutters.  The en-suite bathroom with a rainfall shower completes the creature comforts.

Mnemba Island offers you the sensation of being a castaway – except here you’ll have a butler to attend to your every need, from arranging unique dining locations to assisting in planning your daily activities.  

The lodge offers complimentary use of kayaks and paddleboards, with snorkeling equipment also available should you wish to dip your head beneath the crystalline waters.  The surrounding waters are rich in aquatic life, and you can experience this for yourself by joining either a diving or fishing charter.  Or both?

If you’d like something a little more zen, the lodge hosts yoga classes and qualified massage therapists are on hand to work out any kinks, in the unlikely event that any still exist.

For a little cultural immersion, join one of the various excursions on nearby Zanzibar island.  With topics as diverse as the island’s spice heritage, unique architecture and natural history, you’ll find something bound to appeal to your intellectual appetite.  Please note that modest clothing is required in Zanzibar out of respect for local customs. 

Baraza Resort ( Option 1 For Family )

Mnemba Island Lodge ( Option 2 For Family )

Zanzibar Honeymoon Vacation

OVERNIGHT OPTION 1:  Zuri Zanzibar

Zuri Zanzibar is a labor of love, a place where the owner’s passion and dedication to creating a resort that will leave an impression on guests well beyond their departure are self-evident.  Zuri means beautiful in the Swahili language – a name that is truly befitting this magnificent beachside property which incorporates nature’s inherent soothing effect to maximize your sense of relaxation.

Throughout the property, guests experience all the appeal of a tropical getaway, from the lush gardens to the tranquil public areas and the spacious, private bungalows.  The bespoke decor reflects the surroundings, with indigenous materials extensively used in construction.

This attention to detail extends to exemplary hospitality, and there is an abundance of choice when it comes to deciding where to enjoy your next meal or colorful cocktail.  From in-room to fine dining, Zuri’s menu is a tantalizing selection of Afro-Indian-inspired delight.

The accommodation is only a short walk from the water’s edge, with the bungalows boasting garden and/or sea views.  Designed with a natural flow from indoors to out, they are furnished with a contemporary elegance that includes artisanal designs.  You will love the hammocks strung on the private verandas and the en-suite bathroom with an outdoor shower.  Eco-friendly climate control and wi-fi make your bungalow a tempting retreat in the heat of the day.

Zuri offers guests a complimentary daily wellness treatment, along with inclusive use of the beach and watersports facilities.  If you can be tempted from your sun lounger, you can attend to your wellness needs at the spa and fitness center.

The Wimbi watersports center will equip you with everything from a mask and snorkel, a bat and ball, to a standup paddleboard, to ensure you are able to get the most out of your time on the beach.  The resort also offers various SCUBA, fishing, and sailing charters, about which you can make further inquiries at the resort.

From a cultural perspective, various tours are on offer, which introduce you to the fascinating historical, traditional, and natural highlights of the island.

OVERNIGHT OPTION 2:  Kilindi Zanzibar

Originally conceived as a retreat for a Swedish pop star, Kilindi Resort showcases an effortless blend of bold Arabic-inspired architecture with Scandinavian minimalism.  With a back-to-nature ethos, you will feel instantly at ease in surroundings that ooze tranquility, and service so refined it’s almost intuitive.

Spread over 50 acres of tropical gardens, the lodge is composed of numerous pavilions, of which the central one serves as the social hub where guests meet for drinks, to cool off in the swimming pool, and to enjoy wholesome meals packed with nutritious flavor.  In a quiet corner of the garden, the Kilindi Spa offers a wide range of wellness and beauty treatments.

The Pavilion Suite accommodation seems lifted from the pages of a tropical romance novel.  Cool breezes sweep in over the private veranda and plunge pool, cooling the interior.  Decorated with an interesting fusion of the subdued and the ornate, the temptation to enjoy a late lie-in is easily forgiven.  With butler service and a host of amenities, your comfort and bliss are assured.

Kilindi encourages guests to adhere to whatever schedule, or lack thereof takes their fancy.  The staff are on hand to ensure your stay is hassle-free and memorable.  From getting stuck into that long-delayed novel to exploring undersea reefs, the only limitation to your fulfillment is the imagination.

As with the other resorts mentioned, a host of activities – both water-based and cultural –  are available, both inclusive and as add-ons.  Please make further inquiries on arrival.

Zuri Zanzibar ( Option 1 For Honeymoon )

Kilindi Zanzibar ( Option 2 For Honeymoon )

Homeward Bound

A member of our team will meet and transfer you to Zanzibar International Airport for your outbound flight. At this point, we wish you a fond farewell with an open invitation to return.  Magical Africa Awaits!

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