Tarangire National Park

Discover the untamed beauty of Tarangire National Park as you immerse yourself in the heartbeat of the African wilderness. Your safari experience extends beyond the charismatic wildlife encounters, resonating with the echoes of ancient baobab trees and the gentle rustle of acacia leaves. The Tarangire, a sanctuary for biodiversity, invites you to traverse its diverse landscapes, from golden savannas to dense woodlands.

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A Tarangire Safari Experience

Embark on an extraordinary journey with our Tarangire Safari, where every moment unfolds as a chapter in the captivating story of Africa’s untamed beauty. Our curated safari experiences promise immersive wildlife encounters amidst the iconic landscapes of Tarangire National Park. Witness the majestic herds of elephants traversing the golden savannas, encounter elusive big cats in their natural habitat, and marvel at the diverse birdlife that graces the skies.

Tarangire national Park
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Classic African Safari | Tanzania

In settings inspired by the safaris of a bygone era, experience Tanzania’s iconic wildlife and picturesque landscapes, all the while enjoying warm hospitality, understated luxury and essence of the wilderness.

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Tarangire National Park
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Luxury Tanzania Safari | Fly-in Holiday

Fly between top safari destinations with no queues and no hassles. Visiting four of Tanzania’s premier wildlife hotspots, this exceptional luxury itinerary assures an experience to show the best of Tanzania.

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The evocative, untouched wilderness of Tarangire is a slave to the seasons, where wildlife ebbs and flows like the tides. Home to the second-highest concentration of wildlife of any Tanzanian national park (after Serengeti), Tarangire National Park teems with game in the dry season and empties out in the wet season, tuning into the seasonal rhythms of Africa like nowhere else on earth.

Dominating the park’s 1,770 square miles are some of Northern Tanzania’s most breathtaking and varied landscapes, which change dramatically with the seasons. Clear blue cloudless skies, shimmering, sun-baked red earth, and brittle, yellow grasses create a parched oasis during the dry season, while the wet season transforms the park into a lush, watery oasis, bringing with it herds of wandering nomads in search of water. The once shriveled Tarangire River, which slices through the center of the park, swells to its steep riverbanks providing a stage for many incredible wildlife encounters.

Offering predators a veritable smörgåsbord of prey, enormous herds of elephant scour the dry river bed for underground streams, while antelope, buffalo, wildebeest, and zebra crowd the diminishing lagoons in desperation for a drink. Evocative baobab-studded landscapes are scattered with disused termite mounds, over 550 species of birds flit around the water’s edge, and lion and leopard share shady tree branches with fat pythons. And when the short rainy season finally arrives, they’re gone…dissipating across the Maasai Steppe to pastures green in the ever-changing seasonal tune of Tarangire.

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