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Tanzania Vacation



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Beach & Safari Family Tour | Tanzania Vacation

Cities and Landmarks

Arusha, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti, Zanzibar



Journey Type

Beach & Safari Family Tour | Tanzania Vacation

Cities and Landmarks

Arusha, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti, Zanzibar

Overview - The Perfect Tanzania Vacation

For the family whose television seldom strays from one of the many Nature channels, our Tanzania Vacation, Family Safari and Beach itinerary offers the perfect opportunity for you all to experience firsthand the marvels of Africa’s wildlife.  This magical adventure is specifically tailored to be family-friendly, giving you the opportunity to create memories that will endure well into the future. 

The itinerary begins in Arusha, Tanzania, where you will rest up for the night in a luxurious lodge within a working coffee plantation.  Acclimatized and well-rested, the safari leg of your Tanzania vacation then begins, visiting three of the North’s most famous wildlife destinations over seven days.

You will delight in the obvious affectionate bonds among the families of elephants at Lake Manyara National Park.  And like the resident lion prides, you too will find comfort and relaxation up in the shady canopy of the trees.

At the Ngorongoro Crater, you will learn about the two dominant family structures in the African predator kingdom – lions and spotted hyenas.  Sumptuous meals are taken to the next level at a lodge offering unparalleled views of this isolated ecosystem.

The Serengeti is renowned for its seasonal wildebeest migration during which the bonds of family are put to the test, as the herd works together for their collective survival.  Your bond as a family will be strengthened too, as you participate in various interactive activities with your Maasai hosts.

And lastly, no Tanzania vacation would be complete without a few days at the beach.  Whether swimming, snorkeling or sandcastle building, you’ll savor the idyllic island lifestyle of Mnemba – an Indian Ocean jewel renowned for its warm, safe waters.

Throughout the adventure, you will travel in style from one destination to the next.  The selected lodgings from start to finish are exceptional for the service, cuisine, and immersion into the natural wonders of the surrounding environment that they offer.

We invite you and your family to experience Africa firsthand, as Burchell did – by breathing the air, absorbing the magic of her pristine wilderness, and becoming acquainted with the ancient tradition of Ubuntu – the celebration of compassion and humility.  Magical Africa Awaits To Plan Your Ideal Tanzania Vacation!


Arusha Coffee Lodge

Arrive Arusha, Tanzania

Touching down at Kilimanjaro International Airport, near Arusha, our representative awaits you with a warm welcome to Tanzania.  You will be taken directly to your lodgings for the night at the charming Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge.

Arriving in Tanzania, the sense of imminent adventure is almost palpable as the airplane descends past the snow-capped peak of Mount Kilimanjaro.  Welcome to Africa!  A friendly representative will transfer you from the airport to your lodgings for the night at the renowned Arusha Coffee Lodge, voted one of the top 5 hotels on the continent.

Situated in a shady grove of aromatic coffee trees, the lodge provides the perfect atmosphere in which to reinvigorate yourself in anticipation of the numerous adventures of you Tanzania vacation.

The central lodge building has been repurposed from the original homestead, creating a home-from-home environment where the family will soon feel settled and welcome.  It features a plushly furnished lounge and bar, along with a selection of restaurants offering cuisine ranging from casual alfresco to candlelit fine dining.

Onsite you will also find the Trader’s Walk, which boasts five boutique shops showcasing Tanzanian crafts, cuisine, and jewelry.  If retail therapy is not what you’re after, perhaps a visit to the tranquil spa might be in order.  The lodge has a lovely pool area, and walks around the grounds are a treat with the sound of birdsong rich in the treetops.

The accommodation comes in the form of beautiful plantation-style cabins set amid the lush gardens.  Spacious and appointed with your absolute comfort a priority, you will love the veiled beds, open fireplace, and authentic African decor.  Satellite television and wi-fi are both available, should you still feel the need to be connected.  The en-suite bathrooms feature both a bathtub and rainfall shower.

Lake Manyara National Park

The word ‘safari’ means journey in the Swahili language, and your Tanzania vacation begins with a short flight to the Lake Manyara airport where a representative will be standing by to escort you to the Lake Manyara Tree Lodge, situated in the heart of the magnificent Lake Manyara National Park.

As its name suggests, the lodge is situated in a stand of ancient mahogany trees, with all of the structures elevated into the canopy on stilts.  The effect is to raise you into a cool environment, where the birdsong and views are constant reminders that you have arrived somewhere special.  

Home for two nights, the centerpiece of the lodge is a multi-level thatch treehouse crafted of local materials which houses the lounge, bar, and an indoor dining area.  These lead out onto an expansive deck, where you can socialize with your fellow guests.  Weather permitting, evening meals are enjoyed in the open-air boma under a star-studded sky.  

A great feature, especially for the kids, is the interactive kitchen where they can build pizzas, while you discuss the menu with the friendly chef.  You’ll enjoy some quality family time around the pool, and if you need a little ‘me-time’, why not visit the spa, or browse the Safari Shop?

For parents and children alike, the novelty of staying in a treehouse has universal appeal.  In this instance, the treehouse is a luxurious retreat where your comfort and privacy are assured.  The Family Suite incorporates two en-suite rooms, connected by an entrance hall.  Generously apportioned, you will love spending time on the deck and cozy indoor spaces, whose floor-to-ceiling windows enhance the sense of immersion into the environment.  The decor is rich with African artworks and the furnishings are dressed in a warm color palette in keeping with the indigenous materials used in construction.  Highlights of the bathrooms are the tub-with-a-view and the outdoor shower.

Lake Manyara National Park was originally established as a sanctuary for the protection of elephants and it has a healthy population of these ponderous pachyderms.  The lake for which it is named is a highlight for birdwatchers, with up to 2-million flamingos congregating in its shallows for the annual breeding season (between November and April).  In all, the area boasts some 400 species of birds.

Another unique feature of this relatively small park is the lions.  To avoid the nuisance of insects, they have developed the habit of taking to the trees to rest.  One of the benefits of staying at the lodge is that you are allowed to go on night drives, possibly offering the best chance of seeing a leopard or serval actively seeking prey.

Covering just 125 sq. miles, the park’s diverse habitats mean that it supports a huge array of life.  From marsh to savanna to woodlands, you can expect to see species including zebra, bushbuck, waterbuck, Grant’s gazelle, impala, Thomson’s gazelle, Cape buffalo, giraffe, hippopotamus, warthog, and wildebeest.  

At each of the lodges you will visit, game drives are offered in comfortable customized safari vehicles.  At Lake Manyara, these take place in the early morning and late afternoon, when the cooler temperatures mean the wildlife is more likely to be active.  At dusk, your guide will bring out the drinks for a memorable sundowner stop, often on the banks of the lake.

Optional activities you can find out more about at the lodge include cycling to a nearby village, visiting a traditional Maasai homestead, and an interesting tour of the forest canopy on elevated walkways.

Lake Manyara Tree Lodge

Ngorongoro Crater

Today, you leave behind your treetop abode at Lake Manyara, only to replace it with even loftier lodgings on the rim of an extinct volcano.  Departing Lake Manyara, a scenic three-hour drive passes in all too quickly as you savor the landscape and wildlife seen along the way.

The Ngorongoro Crater was formed some 2.5-million years ago when a volcano thought to be the size of Mt Kilimanjaro imploded during an eruption – resulting in what is the largest intact caldera on earth.  And it is perched on the sheer cliffs on the ridge of this geographical wonder that you will stay for the next two nights at the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge.

To say that the view from this setting is magnificent is to do it a disservice.  Whether it is in being mesmerized by the mists that swirl on the crater floor in the morning, or in witnessing clouds and vultures gliding by at eye level, you will always find something to enchant the eye.

In all, the lodge comprises three camps stretched along the rim, each with a central hub where one can socialize with other guests.  It has been quipped that the styling of the lodge is a mixture of Maasai meeting Versailles, the baroque decor blending whimsically with the colors and textures endemic to the region.  Beautiful African artworks share inviting spaces with ornate furnishings – be it within the lounge, bar, or dining room.  Naturally, these areas celebrate the outdoor panorama, to be further enjoyed from the outdoor verandas.  You will also find a Safari Shop where you can style yourself in the latest safari-chic, and an opulent spa offering a wide selection of treatments.

The culinary experience at the lodge is a celebration of tastes and aromas, and you are encouraged to inquire about the various unique locations where these can be enjoyed.  From sundowners perched on a cliff to an elaborate brunch under a shady tree on the crater floor.  Or perhaps you’d like a romantic dinner for two in your suite – complete with rose petals and candlelight.

The opulent decorative theme continues in your private suite.  And romance is never far, with a crackling log fire to warm the air, an ornate free-standing tub in the en-suite bathroom, and an ambiance that seduces you into complete relaxation.  And, should you run out of bubbly, your butler is on hand to replenish your flutes – and attend to any other needs you may have. 

The game drive begins in the early morning, taking you into the crater where your guide will endeavor to show you a variety of species and share their abundant knowledge of the crater ecosystem.  The safari vehicles are enclosed, with a pop-up roof to afford you excellent viewing all round.  During the course of the day, you will stop for a delicious picnic lunch.  Within the crater, offroad driving and night drives are not permitted.  You return to the lodge in the late afternoon, with time to relax around the pool before dinner.

Within the crater, the abundant grazing and permanent water mean that the abundant wildlife has all it needs to thrive.  At a little over 100 sq. miles, the area is densely populated with both predator and prey species – with the exception of giraffes who appear disinclined to navigate the craters’ sheer walls.

As you descend into the crater, you will pass through a dense woodland frequented by bushbucks and kudu.  Playful monkeys peer down from the trees, while your sharp-eyed guide may even spot a leopard draped in the dappled shade.  

The forest gives way to an expansive savanna, dotted here and there with umbrella thorns and other trees.  Grazing species such as wildebeest, zebra, and eland (the world’s largest antelope) – along with many others, seek out the most succulent pastures.  All the while, an estimated 70 lions track their movements, waiting for the opportunity to secure their next meal in a blinding display of power.  Cheetahs are the most endangered predator found here, while spotted hyenas are the most abundant.

Africa’s four largest herbivores are all present within the area.  Breeding herds of buffalo and elephants are common in the marshy wetlands, hippos cavort and snort in various pools, and 16 highly endangered black rhinoceros seek refuge in the thickets.

Not quite on the scale of Lake Manyara, the birdlife attracted to Lake Magadi is nevertheless impressive.  By now you might also have started to recognize some of the commonly sighted birds such as the multi-colored rollers, or the world’s largest and heaviest birds respectively; the ostrich and Kori bustard.  Pro tip: If you find you have a spare moment, lay down and watch the meandering flight of the soaring vultures.  You’ll be amazed at the sense of serenity this brings.

Aside from game drives, the lodge also offers an archaeological excursion to the Olduvai Gorge, cultural experiences with the Maasai and Hadzabe people, hikes, and a visit to see the work of a local conservation project.  For those traveling with children, a special program is also offered.  Please enquire about these at the lodge.

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

Serengeti National Park

The name Serengeti is derived from the Maasai term describing endless plains.  True to this, the gently undulating wilderness seems to stretch into infinity.  The landscape is predominated by grasslands interspersed with small hills and patches of woodland.

One of the area’s main attractions is the seasonal migration of wildebeest and other ungulates whose perpetual search for grazing has them follow an ancient path between the Serengeti and neighboring Masai Mara.  In all, the mixed herd includes some 2-million wildebeest, 400,000 zebra, and a further million mixed antelope species.  The herds’ movement is unpredictable as it depends on localized rainfall – but for those who are fortunate enough to find themselves in its midst, it is an experience that won’t be forgotten.

For many though, it is the predators that the great herd attracts that bring them to the Serengeti.  Lions and spotted hyenas vie for dominance of the plains – both highly intelligent and social species, the drama of their ancient rivalry is played out daily.  The area is also well known for sightings of Africa’s two large spotted cats, leopards, and cheetah.

The final three nights of the safari leg take place within the Serengeti National Park, renowned host of the seasonal wildebeest migration that has been called “The Greatest Show on Earth”.  In this instance, you will stay in one of two superb camps, each boasting luxurious accommodation, impeccable service, and a fantastic wildlife experience in remote locations away from the crowds.  



The first option for accommodation on your Tanzania vacation is Klein’s Camp, situated on a private 25,000-acre concession in the northeastern Serengeti.  From its vantage point on the Kuka Hills, the camp overlooks the plains, kopjes and woodland typical of this part of the park, in a style that pays tribute to the safari era of yesteryear.  

All of the structures at the lodge are crafted with a combination of stone, timber, and coarse thatch.  The social activities are focused at the main lodge building where you can get to know your fellow guests over drinks at the bar or a wholesome meal served next to a roaring log fire.  Padded furnishings in an informal setting imbue the lodge with a homely ambiance, ideal for families.  Be sure to inquire about the special program for children on arrival.  The lodge has a delightful boutique shop, and the swimming pool is the best place to stay cool between game drives.

Families visiting Klein’s Camp are accommodated in a unit comprising two spacious cottages joined by a covered walkway.  Situated to ensure privacy and boasting phenomenal views of the surrounding landscape, the rooms are comfortably furnished and decorated with an old-world charm.    The en-suite bathrooms have a large rainfall shower.  Child-minding services are available, over and above the custom program for children.

Aside from the inclusive twice-daily game drives detailed below, guests staying at Klein’s Camp are able to venture on foot with an experienced guide to learn more about the intricacies of the Serengeti ecosystem.  Additionally, night drives are permitted, granting a fascinating insight into nocturnal species such as bush babies and the smaller cats seldom seen by day.


OVERNIGHT OPTION 2:  Grumeti Serengeti River Lodge

Where Klein’s Camp evokes the safari era of the past, your second option – The Grumeti Serengeti River Lodge – celebrates the modern era of safari lodges in Africa.  The camp is situated in the productive Western Corridor of the Serengeti, on an exclusive concession where you are unlikely to encounter other tourists.

The lodge overlooks a seasonal channel where resident hippos honk contentedly through the day.  The water attracts a myriad of wildlife, so you will likely see quite a variety without even leaving the camp.

The unique design and decor of the lodge were inspired by the fishing villages at nearby Lake Victoria, and incorporate palm fronds woven into the ceiling and decorative pieces of Tanzanian craftsmanship.  Set against a palette of dark gray and earth tones, the atmosphere is tranquil and stylish.  The main lodge houses a comfortable lounge, a cozy bar, and a lavish dining room.  The beautiful rim-flow pool overlooking the river is just the place to while away the hours between activities.

It is often said that the lodge would not look out of place in a fancy design journal, a notion reinforced in the minimalistic styling of the tented suites.  Each has a viewing deck, complete with a sunken lounge and plunge pool.  Spaced for privacy, the front aspect looks out onto the surrounding environment and there is a good chance you’ll spy some of the black and white colobus monkeys endemic to the area while in your room.  The family suite has an additional room for children.  In-room massage treatments are available on request.

Aside from the inclusive game drives, guests have the option of soaring quietly above the savanna in a hot air balloon.  Please make further inquiries about this, and the special children’s program, when at the lodge. Enjoy your Tanzania vacation to the fullest, and in comfort. 

Klein’s Camp ( Option 1 )

Grumeti Serengeti River Lodge ( Option 2 )


With the safari leg of the itinerary now completed, what better way to round off your family vacation than three nights on an exclusive tropical island renowned for its “barefoot appeal” and idyllic atmosphere.  You will fly to Zanzibar airport off the coast of Tanzania and then board a boat to be transferred across to the tiny island on the fringe of a small archipelago.

A warm welcome awaits and in no time you will be sipping refreshing cocktails while your hosts introduce you to the island’s various charms.  After the muted earth tones of the mainland, the sparkling blue waters and lush vegetation are a welcome change and you will soon find yourself easing into the relaxed rhythm and flexible schedules encouraged at the lodge.

The central lodge building has been fashioned from raw materials such as coral, palm fronds, and coarse thatch.  The public areas of the central hub invite you to flop into decadently plump seating while you savor the view.  Nearby, a beach bar and indoor dining room offer island specialties sure to satisfy all tastes.  Evening meals are a festive affair, enjoyed under the stars with wavelets gently caressing the impossibly white sands.

The camp has just twelve rustic but chic beachside bandas, each spaced for privacy and appreciation of the view.  Relying heavily on local materials in construction, the decor within is soothing to the eye, enhancing the sense of island tranquility.  The family unit joins two of the suites with a common area, with both rooms having an en-suite bathroom.  Canopied beds dressed in the finest linen tempt guests to lay in bed enjoying the view as the sun colors the horizon at the start of each day.  Your butler is on hand to assist with activity planning, as well as arranging private dining for the family.  Skilled massage therapists will visit you at your banda; their healing hands further deepening your bliss. 

How you spend your time on Mnemba Island is completely up to you.  If you’d like to simply soak up the rays and splash in the warm shallows, or compete to build the best sandcastle, you’ll be sure to find a quiet spot to do so.  

For those wishing to be a little more adventurous, the surrounding shallow reefs are fantastic for snorkeling or exploring on a sea kayak or stand-up paddleboard.  

Venturing further afield, there are amazing dive sites easily accessed in the company of qualified dive-masters, while the tropical waters boast some of the best game-fishing still available.  On-site courses in SCUBA and snorkeling are offered.  

And before you start thinking too much about your return to “civilization”, why not join a guided yoga session to let both mind and body soar a little while longer in this stunning paradise.

If you’re looking for a little cultural immersion on your Tanzania vacation, various day trips on Zanzibar Island cover such diverse topics as the spice trade, architecture, and the childhood haunts of Freddie Mercury, who grew up on the island.  Please note that modest attire is required on the island in deference to local customs.

Mnemba Island Lodge

Homeward Bound

Today, your Tanzania vacation comes to and end.  After being ferried back to Zanzibar, a representative will escort you to Zanzibar International Airport for your onward flights.  With an open invitation to return, we bid you a fond farewell.  Magical Africa Awaits!

Options & Extensions

A gorilla sitting in the woods, surrounded by tall trees and lush greenery. It looks calm and peaceful in its natural habitat.

Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda

Without exception, those who have been privileged to spend time with gorillas report a near-mythical experience, as if glancing into our ancestral past.  Sharing upwards of 98% of DNA, the link between our species is undeniable.  While they are massively powerful creatures – with males weighing over 400 pounds – they are by nature shy and placid.  Primarily herbivores, they spend much of their day alternating between foraging and rest.

A picturesque beach setting under a vibrant blue sky dotted with fluffy clouds.

Zanzibar Beach Retreat

For those wishing to enjoy a little pure downtime, perhaps following an action-packed safari, our Zanzibar vacation itinerary offers the perfect blend of luxury, simplicity and all the idyllic pleasures of beach life. We have chosen from among Zanzibar’s best beach lodges options which are suitable for either families or those seeking an intimate, sophisticated retreat surrounded by the warm, clear waters of the Indian Ocean

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