Magical South Africa | Safari Tour



Journey Type

Magical South Africa | Safari Tour

Cities and Landmarks

Cape Town. Cape Winelands, Kruger, Kalahari



Journey Type

Magical South Africa | Safari Tour

Cities and Landmarks

Cape Town. Cape Winelands, Kruger, Kalahari


The South Africa Signature Itinerary presents the discerning traveler with the opportunity to experience a sophisticated glimpse of the country’s diverse heritage.

The adventure allows sojourns in 4 distinctive regions – each carefully selected to reflect something of the Rainbow Nations’ proud cultural and natural diversity.

The entrée in this mouth-watering extravaganza is Cape Town – rated by Fodors, Forbes,  and Conde Nast, along with countless international visitors, as one of the top destinations worldwide.  And we have no doubt that your first impressions of the city, resplendent at the foot of Table Mountain will concur.

You will then find yourself transported to the Cape Winelands – a region where French refugees, among them accomplished vintners, settled in the late 1600s, finding the climate and soils conducive to the production of world-class wines.

Across this vast land, you’ll next be brought to the renowned Greater Kruger wilderness, to visit a land touched by visionaries, both in their approach to conservation and their contemporary interpretation of safari.

Next, you will journey to the arid interior, to a desert environment as old as time – the Kalahari.  The stark contrast of this surprisingly vibrant habitat, juxtaposed with the opulent comforts of the Tswalu Motse Lodge is a feast for the senses.

Throughout an all too short fortnight, you will join the ranks of those who’ve come to love and celebrate Africa.  It is a land of parallels – both stark and beautiful.  A land of diversity – in culture and wildlife.  And yet, it has a signature all of its’ own. 


Arrive in Cape Town South Africa

On arrival in Cape Town, you will be chauffeured to Ellerman House, which will serve as your base for the duration of your time in the Mother City.

Regal on the slopes of the Cape mountains,  Ellerman House commands sweeping views of the Atlantic ocean and adjacent seaboard.  This exclusive destination offers guests a refined home away from home experience, which despite the abundant nearby attractions, might prove difficult to leave.

A family-owned establishment – the emphasis is on understated and personalized service, in a relaxed ambience.  Embracing the grandeur of eras past, while offering every imaginable amenity, your stay is sure to be as memorable as it is luxuriantly comfortable.

With sweeping views of the sea, each of the rooms has been individually styled and is elegantly furnished with all the creature comforts and modern amenities you could wish for.

The facilities and services abound with everything from spa treatments to concierge assistance, all provided.  Be sure to visit the Wine and Art galleries.  An Ellermans’ highlight is the celebrated and exclusive restaurant, where you will be thrilled by the delectable diversity to tempt your palate. 

Ellerman House

Cape Town

Refreshed and ready to explore one of the worlds’ most celebrated city destinations, the next two full days will be spent in the care of experienced local guides.  Cape Town is the gateway to the greater Cape Peninsula, arcing south into the Atlantic.  To orient you, you will visit the level plateau of Table Mountain, reached by cable car.

European settlers first arrived in the 1600s and established a replenishment station to replenish passing ships.  Over time it was populated by a diverse array of nationalities, from the Dutch, French and English, to the Malay, each of which influenced its evolving culture.  This is still in evidence today, and your guide will take you to many of the landmarks that reflect this past – from the menacing castle to the flamboyantly painted houses of Bo-Kaap.

You will have the opportunity to browse the market in historic Greenmarket Square, stroll the cool acreage of the Company Gardens.  You might find yourself captivated too, by the varied languages, accents and dialects that abound – each reflecting a hue of Mandela’s Rainbow Nation.

The Cape Peninsula is essentially a mountain range that extends south from the city.  Your guide will collect you from the hotel, and circumnavigate its entirety over a day.  The cosmopolitan and trendy hangouts of Camps Bay and Clifton, soon give way to some of the most majestic roads and mountain passes, carved into the daunting landscape.  

The peninsula is home to the most diverse family of plants on the planet – fynbos – and you will sense their fragrant tones as you stop off in the fishing village of Hout Bay, traverse the spectacular Chapman’s Peak Drive.  Feel the power of the southern ocean at Cape Point and hear the cacophony of a noisy penguin colony, en-route back to the hotel. 

Ellerman House

Cape Winelands Franschhoek

Next, you are transported to the verdant Franschhoek valley, where you will be welcomed to the opulent La Residence – a 30-acre vineyard and benchmark of local accommodation.  Embracing both the French influence prevalent in the area, and the homely warmth of Africa, La Residence is the ideal departure point from which to explore the surrounding landscape.

With just eleven rooms and 5 individually curated suites, you are assured of every luxury and amenity you could wish for.  Surrounded by beautiful artworks and antique furnishings, you will feel cocooned in a tranquil sanctuary.  

Add to this an obvious commitment and passion for the culinary arts, and you will feel assured that your every comfort has been thought of and intuitively catered to. The on-site Terrace Restaurant is renowned for the creativity that wafts from the kitchen in glorious scents.  The presentation is impeccable and the flavors are heavenly.  Guests are encouraged to visit, either as observers, or to discuss personalized menus.

Naturally, there is a strong theme devoted to wines and wine-making, and there is plentiful guidance on hand to navigate the multitude of varieties available.

A shimmering pool, expansive gardens, a glamorous spa, cycling routes, and browsing the various shops, restaurants, galleries and wine cellars are but a few of the ways one can enjoy the sedate pleasures of the estate and the nearby village.

A wine tour in the company of an experienced oenologist is an opportunity not to be missed.  You will visit many of the historic wineries of the region, some dating back as far as the late 1600s when the vineyards were first laid out in the rich soils.  

The surprising presence of a rich wine culture in South Africa is thanks to the fortuitous arrival of French Huguenot refugees hundreds of years ago, who settled the land when they discovered the right mix of climate, terrain and soil conducive to wine-making.  Today the industry is ever-evolving; bringing the latest pioneering biodynamic and organic practices to bear while staying true to the essence of this ancient tradition.  You’ll be pleased to know most of the products you will see can be shipped directly to your doorstep. 

La Residence

Kruger National Park

Immerse yourself in South Africa’s rich culture, blending contemporary influences, and set off to explore the abundant fauna and flora. Fly to the Greater Kruger National Park gateway, where a private charter awaits to transport you to Singita Game Reserve’s elegant Boulders Lodge. The lodge represented a turning point in the luxury South Africa safari tour sector in the mid-90s when traditional safari and ultra-luxurious travel combined to welcome the sophisticated traveler.

From its dramatic setting amid ancient boulders clustered along a river’s course, you will soon feel part of the scenery as giraffes sway gently by and skittish antelope scatter in alarm.  Renowned in particular for intimate leopard sightings, this land oozes Africa.  

This is reflected in the 12 suites – spacious, comfortable, cool – each offering privacy and a front-row seat to the ever-changing vistas.  

An epicurean extravaganza is interspersed with excursions led by seasoned Ranger/Tracker teams, walks that highlight natures’ intricate design, curated wellness and pampering, and moments of wonder as you contemplate the vast dome of stars that envelopes the night.

The day starts before sunrise when you depart on the first of two open-vehicle game drives during which the Ranger and Tracker team up to interpret the overnight evidence of passing wildlife.  

Like a broker scanning financial indicators before markets open, they read the land for signs of its iconic residents – the Big 5; lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo.  Their tracks and other signs vie for attention in an exciting trade-off – and it is up to the skill of your guides to “close the deal” by interpreting them; perhaps tracking down a pride of lion, lying scattered in the spreading shade of an acacia.  Or you might hit the jackpot witnessing a leopards’ raw power dragging prey up a tree, or the organized chaos of Painted Wolves on the prowl. 

The excitement starts over in the late afternoon, and in the intervening hours, while many take a siesta, you might choose to accompany your ranger on foot through the bush, learning about its hidden secrets.  

Others choose to relax alongside their private pools.  Wellness practitioners are available to take your relaxation and comfort to even loftier extremes.  And if you can’t go a day with a little retail therapy,  why not visit the exclusive gallery and cellar. 

Singita Boulders Lodge

Kalahari Tswalu Reserve

Replete after breakfast, you are flown to Tswalu Private Game reserve.  A total of 110,000 hectares of privately owned wilderness awaits you in the southern Kalahari desert.  Tswalu offers guests an intimate South Africa safari tour experience – one that truly aspires to do away with time constraints and pressures for the duration of your three-night stay.

The accommodation at The Motse Lodge was created with inspiration from the surrounding environment.  As such, the Legae – the local word for home – that you will stay in is largely built from raw materials sustainably sourced from the area.  

Each  Legae is positioned to afford you both privacy and views of the panoramic vistas.  It has a private deck, with adequate shade and day-beds from which to scan for wildlife or drift off on a lazy siesta.  The tones and textures of the land are incorporated into the styling of the accommodation, and careful thought is evident in the comfortable furnishings and facilities.  

The central lodge building acts as a gathering place for meals, leisure and retail.  There is a library, a spa, gym and wine cellar – and outside you will find two swimming pools.  The inclusive meals are an adventure in their own right, with the chef proudly unveiling a startling array of gastronomic delights over the course of the day – served al fresco, private or even remote desert settings.

Tswalu Reserve stands out among its peers for both the endemic species to be found and the rigorous devotion to preserving the environment through research-led land management.  Your wildlife encounters will be wonderfully varied and the reserve is home to magnificent black-maned lion, cheetah, painted wolves, as well as myriads of antelope. Rarities include black rhinoceros, brown hyena and more.

There are few places left where the vast spaces are as uncluttered, where the sound of the breeze serves as a tonic, and the vast dome of stars each evening, evoke such a sense of wonder.

A further attraction of the safari activities at Tswalu is the flexibility.  Dedicated safari vehicles allow you to curate a schedule entirely devoted to your interests and timeline.  You will have the opportunity to walk in the wilderness, where your guides will emphasize the lesser-known fauna and flora of the reserve.  You may participate in active conservation and research projects, while a sunrise visit to the den of habituated meerkats is a special treat. 

Tswalu Motse Lodge

Cape Town and Homeward Bound

After breakfast, you will be flown to Cape Town International Airport, where your adventure with us will end. At the airport, we bid you farewell, wishing you a pleasant journey home – with an open invitation to return.   Magical Africa Awaits!

Options & Extensions

A gorilla sitting in the woods, surrounded by tall trees and lush greenery. It looks calm and peaceful in its natural habitat.

Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda

Without exception, those who have been privileged to spend time with gorillas report a near-mythical experience, as if glancing into our ancestral past.  Sharing upwards of 98% of DNA, the link between our species is undeniable.  While they are massively powerful creatures – with males weighing over 400 pounds – they are by nature shy and placid.  Primarily herbivores, they spend much of their day alternating between foraging and rest.

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With table mountain in the background with blue skies, the vibrant Cape Town bay with different ships docked

In & Around Cape Town

With its spectacular landscape, diverse activities and well-developed infrastructure, Cape Town offers the modern traveler the ideal destination for leisure and adventure.  It is frequently voted among the best cities to visit on vacation by noteworthy publications – and much of the local economy thrives thanks to a robust tourist industry.  Visitors from across the spectrum are sure to find the range of accommodation, cuisine and places of cultural and historical interest highly appealing.

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