Zanzibar & Serengeti Safari |
Honeymoon Package



Journey Type

Serengeti Safari & Zanzibar | Honeymoon Retreat

Cities and Landmarks

Arusha, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti, Zanzibar



Journey Type

Serengeti Safari & Zanzibar | Honeymoon Retreat

Cities and Landmarks

Arusha, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti, Zanzibar


Our Serengeti Safari & Beach Honeymoon has been carefully curated to offer you and your partner the perfect escape to places that will live forever after in your heart.  We offer a journey that will both uplift your relationship and offer you ample space to reflect on what you each hold dear.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Where there is love there is life.”  And perhaps, the inverse is true – that where there is life, there is love”.  In Africa, there is life in abundance.  Her people, in all their diverse languages and cultures, have in common a desire to celebrate life – as is seen in the colors, music, and folklore of the continent.  In her treasure trove of natural wonders, we see an array of landscapes and life-forms that stir the fondest imaginings of the heart.  

In such an environment, whatever romantic feelings you may have for another are elevated to new heights.  You simply cannot help but feel elated when, together, you first witness the vastness of her pristine spaces.  You cannot pretend that you are not inspired when you see her wildlife living freely as it has since time began, calmly accepting the challenges each new day brings.  And, as her sun-soaked days draw to a close, can anyone resist the desire to draw their loved one closer, to share the miraculous unfolding colors unveiled in her incomparable sunsets?  

Yes, there may be other places that offer a version of the same – but none offer it with such raw and ready generosity.  Our Serengeti Safari and Beach Honeymoon offers you the opportunity to celebrate your love – whether setting out as newlyweds or wishing to reaffirm your precious bond – on a romantic adventure that will take you to some of Tanzania’s most revered destinations.

After a night to acclimatize at one of  Africa’s top boutique hotels,  you will be transported from the hustle and bustle of modern life – as if in some transcendent way – to the wilderness where nature dictates the rhythm of each passing day.  Ensconced throughout in the most luxurious lodgings, you will travel effortlessly to witness Africa at her radiant best.  

See Lake Manyara –  where the color of love predominates; over a million roseate flamingos elegantly high-step in the shallows.

Within Ngorongoro Crater – feel the embrace of the world’s largest intact caldera; an isolated wilderness steeped in safari mythology.

Witness the Serengeti – where life follows an ancient rhythm; its endless plains as expansive as the bounds of romance.

Surrender to Zanzibar – a name so exotic, its palm-festooned beaches and clear azure waters the setting of many a lovers’ fantasy. 


Arrive Arusha, Tanzania

As your plane descends, you may catch a glimpse of the snow-capped peak of Africa’s highest mountain: Kilimanjaro.  A fitting introduction to what promises to be an unforgettable romantic adventure in Africa.  On arrival, our representative awaits, ready to transfer you to your accommodation for the first night.

Arusha Coffee Lodge has been recognized as one of the top 5 hotels in all of Africa.  It lies on the verdant slopes of an active coffee plantation with its various facilities shaded amid stands of aromatic coffee trees, their branches ringing with birdsong.

The original homestead of the estate serves as a central hub, housing a sumptuously decorated lounge, spa, and bar – at which you can toast your arrival with what is sure to be the first of many G&T’s – Africa’s ubiquitous safari cocktail of choice.

You will be shown to your fabulous plantation-style chalet.  Luxuriously appointed, it invites you to surrender to its comfort and let your vacation begin in style.  Warm colors, a double-sided fireplace, and a romantic veiled bed are but some of the touches to ensure your absolute relaxation.  The en-suite bathroom has both a bathtub and shower.

Refreshed, you might choose to enjoy a meal at either of the onsite restaurants.  The Grill Room offers a fine-dining experience, while The Bistro offers a more relaxed ambiance and a menu of hot platters, pizzas, and garden-fresh salads.

Should time permit, we encourage you to visit the Trader’s Walk, which is situated on the estate.  Here you will find a collection of shops showcasing Tanzanian creativity, cuisine ,and  jewelry.  You might even decide to pick up a special piece from The Tanzanite Experience.  Their precious blue stones render diamonds commonplace by comparison.

Arusha Coffee Lodge

Lake Manyara National Park

The Swahili word ‘safari’ means journey.  Originally used to describe a hunting expedition, today the term more commonly refers to a vacation taken to view wildlife in its natural environment.  As our desire to reconnect with Nature has evolved, Tanzania’s wildlife riches have become increasingly popular – with a reputation for abundance and diversity – coupled with exceptional hospitality.

Your first stop on the Serengeti safari leg of your vacation is at the iconic Lake Manyara National Park – as renowned for its flamingo population, as it is for the resident lions’ peculiar habit of resting in trees.  Also unusual are your lodgings for the next two nights, which take luxury to new heights.

Lake Manyara National Park covers 125 sq. miles, encompassing the western shores of the lake and extending toward the slopes of the Great Rift Valley to the west.  It includes a range of habitats emanating from the lakeshore, including marsh, savanna, old-growth forest, and rocky woodland reaching up the valley walls.  Amongst the varying flora, the swollen trunks of baobab trees stand out for their otherworldly appearance.

A seasonal highlight of the park occurs between November and April when nearly 2-million flamingos descend on the lake to breed.  Their plumage colored by their diet of algae and brine shrimp, the birds perform an almost comedic courtship parade, high-stepping back and forth across the shallows in search of a mate.  An additional million waterbirds are also known to congregate at the lake – bearing testimony to the abundance of food and ongoing conservation efforts in the region.  In all, some 400 species of birds have been recorded here.

For many on a safari, Africa’s predators are at the top of the checklist.  And in the case of Lake Manyara, the lions have evolved a peculiar habit of taking to the trees to rest.  It is thought that this is done to avoid the irritation of insects.  Aside from lions, the park also boasts a healthy population of leopards and spotted hyenas, while cheetahs are only spotted occasionally.

The park was originally established as a sanctuary for elephants, and you’re bound to encounter numerous breeding herds during your stay.  Other herbivorous residents include zebra, bushbuck, waterbuck, Grant’s gazelle, impala, Thomson’s gazelle, Cape buffalo, giraffe, hippopotamus, baboon, warthog, and wildebeest.

Additional activities on offer at the lodge include a leisurely bike ride through the nearby Mayoka community in the company of a guide who will teach you more about the local culture, while visits to a nearby Maasai manyatta (homestead) can also be arranged.  A visit to the Treetop Walkway is a wonderful experience in itself, made all the more memorable by the informative presentation on the canopy ecosystem.  Please inquire about these activities at the lodge.

Lake Manyara Tree Lodge is situated in a quiet and remote section of the park, in a dense stand of ancient mahogany trees.  Making it that extra bit special, your accommodation is elevated into the lush canopy on a stilted platform – the perfect place for your inner child to fulfill a long-held fantasy.  Fashioned of timber and palm fronds, your suite is the epitome of intimacy and privacy.  With the chatter of birds surrounding you, the spacious deck leads indoors to an interior bedecked in tones and textures that reflect the surroundings.  With a separate lounge and bedroom, you will have ample space to savor the tranquility of the treetops in comfort and style.  The en-suite bathroom offers both a tub with a view of the forest and an outdoor shower.

The social hub of the lodge is found in a multi-level thatched structure ascending into the canopy.  Decorated with ornate African carvings, the lounge, bar, and indoor dining area flow out onto an expansive deck.  You are welcome to get to know the chef at the interactive kitchen, discussing the day’s menu or pitching in if the mood takes you.  Breakfast and lunch are typically enjoyed in this area, while dinner is usually served alfresco, with the light of the moon filtering through the branches above.  Nearby, you will also find a gift shop, swimming pool, and spa – where a range of both traditional and contemporary treatments are available.

A universal activity at the game lodges you will visit is the game drive.  You will set out in the company of an experienced guide in a customized safari vehicle, on an interpretative excursion in search of the area’s wildlife.  Aside from animal and bird sightings, you will also learn more about the functioning of the local ecosystem.  Game drives typically take place in the early morning and late afternoon, when the cooler temperatures mean that the wildlife is more active, and a coffee or sundowner break is taken, giving you a moment to stretch your legs.  At Lake Manyara Tree Lodge, you are also fortunate to be able to look for nocturnal residents in an exciting spot-lit night drive.  Sightings may include serval, genet, and civet.

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

Ngorongoro Crater

Today, you leave behind your treetop abode at Lake Manyara, only to replace it with even loftier lodgings on the rim of an extinct volcano.  Departing Lake Manyara, a scenic three-hour drive passes in all too quickly as you savor the landscape and wildlife seen along the way.

The Ngorongoro Crater was formed some 2.5-million years ago when a volcano thought to be the size of Mt Kilimanjaro imploded during an eruption – resulting in what is the largest intact caldera on earth.  And it is perched on the sheer cliffs on the ridge of this geographical wonder that you will stay for the next two nights at the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge.

To say that the view from this setting is magnificent is to do it a disservice.  Whether it is in being mesmerized by the mists that swirl on the crater floor in the morning, or in witnessing clouds and vultures gliding by at eye level, you will always find something to enchant the eye.

In all, the lodge comprises three camps stretched along the rim, each with a central hub where one can socialize with other guests.  It has been quipped that the styling of the lodge is a mixture of Maasai meeting Versailles, the baroque decor blending whimsically with the colors and textures endemic to the region.  Beautiful African artworks share inviting spaces with ornate furnishings – be it within the lounge, bar, or dining room.  Naturally, these areas celebrate the outdoor panorama, to be further enjoyed from the outdoor verandas.  You will also find a Safari Shop where you can style yourself in the latest safari-chic, and an opulent spa offering a wide selection of treatments.

The culinary experience at the lodge is a celebration of tastes and aromas, and you are encouraged to inquire about the various unique locations where these can be enjoyed.  From sundowners perched on a cliff to an elaborate brunch under a shady tree on the crater floor.  Or perhaps you’d like a romantic dinner for two in your suite – complete with rose petals and candlelight.

The opulent decorative theme continues in your private suite.  And romance is never far, with a crackling log fire to warm the air, an ornate free-standing tub in the en-suite bathroom, and an ambiance that seduces you into complete relaxation.  And, should you run out of bubbly, your butler is on hand to replenish your flutes – and attend to any other needs you may have. 

The game drive begins in the early morning, taking you into the crater where your guide will endeavor to show you a variety of species and share their abundant knowledge of the crater ecosystem.  The safari vehicles are enclosed, with a pop-up roof to afford you excellent viewing all round.  During the course of the day, you will stop for a delicious picnic lunch.  Within the crater, offroad driving and night drives are not permitted.  You return to the lodge in the late afternoon, with time to relax around the pool before dinner.

Withinn the crater, the abundant grazing and permanent water mean that the abundant wildlife has all it needs to thrive.  At a little over 100 sq. miles, the area is densely populated with both predator and prey species – with the exception of giraffes who appear disinclined to navigate the craters’ sheer walls.

As you descend into the crater, you will pass through a dense woodland frequented by bushbucks and kudu.  Playful monkeys peer down from the trees, while your sharp-eyed guide may even spot a leopard draped in the dappled shade.  

The forest gives way to an expansive savanna, dotted here and there with umbrella thorns and other trees.  Grazing species such as wildebeest, zebra, and eland (the world’s largest antelope) – along with many others, seek out the most succulent pastures.  All the while, an estimated 70 lions track their movements, waiting for the opportunity to secure their next meal in a blinding display of power.  Cheetahs are the most endangered predator found here, while spotted hyenas are the most abundant.

Africa’s four largest herbivores are all present within the area.  Breeding herds of buffalo and elephants are common in the marshy wetlands, hippos cavort and snort in various pools, and 16 highly endangered black rhinoceros seek refuge in the thickets.

Not quite on the scale of Lake Manyara, the birdlife attracted to Lake Magadi is nevertheless impressive.  By now you might also have started to recognize some of the commonly sighted birds such as the multi-colored rollers, or the world’s largest and heaviest birds respectively; the ostrich and Kori bustard.  Pro tip: If you find you have a spare moment, lay down and watch the meandering flight of the soaring vultures.  You’ll be amazed at the sense of serenity this brings.

Aside from game drives, the lodge also offers an archaeological excursion to the Olduvai Gorge, cultural experiences with the Maasai and Hadzabe people, hikes, and a visit to see the work of a local conservation project.  For those traveling with children, a special program is also offered.  Please enquire about these at the lodge.

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

Serengeti National Park

It’s time now to leave Ngorongoro in time to catch a flight to the penultimate stop on the itinerary.  While airborne, you cannot help but be awed by the vastness of the wilderness landscape below.  Little wonder then that the Maasai people named your destination “seringit”, meaning ‘endless plain’.

Touching down at the Serengeti, a representative will be standing by to transfer you to your chosen destination.  In this instance, we offer the choice between the authentic Serengeti safari experience offered at Serengeti Under Canvas, or the more contemporary feel of Grumeti Serengeti River Lodge.

OVERNIGHT OPTION 1:  Serengeti Under Canvas

As the name suggests, Serengeti Under Canvas offers guests a luxurious wildlife experience that pays homage to the safaris of yesteryear, when adventurers traveled with all they would need for an extended journey into the wilderness.  The entire camp is moved periodically to bring guests as close as possible to what has been termed The Greatest Show on Earth – the seasonal wildebeest migration.

A stay at  Serengeti Under Canvas could best be described as ‘glamping’ – a mix of camping and glamor – that will appeal to your adventurous spirit, without sacrificing any familiar comforts.  The camp centers around two tents – one housing the indoor dining area, and the other a lounge and bar, where you can socialize.  When the weather is favorable, meals are enjoyed alfresco – a most memorable experience on a clear night when the heavenly dome above boasts a view of the Milky Way that is second to none.  The decor is classic safari, with warm tones reflecting the surroundings and plush sofas that invite you to while away the time between game drives.  Crystal glasses, polished silver candelabras, and brass samovars add to the romance and sense of immersion into the safaris of a bygone era.

Part of the thrill of the camp is that when you retire for the evening, nothing but a layer of canvas separates you from the vast outdoors.  The evening soundscape is part of the adventure, as you attempt to decipher the multitude of sounds carried through the night – owls hoot, hyenas whoop, lions roar, and hippos snort.  Your tent has a small patio at the entrance and is furnished within with a comfortable bed dressed in fine linens, along with steamer trunks and deck chairs.  Your en-suite bathroom has a flush WC, and you will be charmed by the hot bucket showers prepared on request.

As always, game drives are the primary activity and your proximity to the migration means you won’t have to go far before the action starts.  You may choose between a full-day drive with a picnic lunch or a morning and afternoon drive with time for a siesta in between.  Other activities on offer at Serengeti Under Canvas include drifting over the plains in a hot air balloon and a visit to a Maasai homestead for a glimpse into their proudly traditional way of life.  Please inquire about the optional activities on arrival.


OVERNIGHT OPTION 2:  Grumeti Serengeti River Lodge

Situated in the quiet and remote Western Corridor of the Serengeti National Park, the  Grumeti Serengeti River Lodge sits regally on the banks of a seasonal tributary of the Grumeti River – famed for its dramatic river crossings during the migration.  The waters’ edge location means that wildlife is frequently seen from the expansive viewing and swimming pool decks where you can laze away the hours between activities.  

The central hub introduces the lodge’s aesthetic, inspired by the fishing villages of Lake Victoria.  Bold African prints stand proud against neutral tones and the furnishings are as ornate as they are comfortable.  You can socialize with your fellow guests over drinks at the bar, or interact with the chef at the open kitchen.  Needless to say, if you’re looking to ramp up the romance, they will happily serve dinner at your suite.  The lodge has a gym, and in-room massages can be booked with the friendly staff.

It is fair to say the lodge and its glorious accommodation would not look out of place in a prestigious architectural digest.  Where Serengeti Under Canvas offers an old-world feel, this lodge brings safari into the 21st century in a manner that stays true to its roots.  Your spacious suite boasts a private viewing deck with a plunge pool.  Floor-to-ceiling glass panels ensure that your sense of immersion into the surroundings is maintained throughout and there is a good chance you’ll come eye to eye with a curious colobus monkey during your stay.  Adorned with beautiful Africa-inspired artworks and fittings, the interiors are crisp and clean in earthy tones.  Your en-suite bathroom is a joy to behold, complete with a free-standing tub and a shower with a view you won’t easily forget.

As before, you may choose between full-day or two shorter game drives.  In the Serengeti, these are undertaken in open safari vehicles with a canopy.  You will also have the option of a balloon safari.

The Great Wildebeest Migration is the largest mass movement of terrestrial wildlife on the planet.  The legendary river crossings, during which the herd must forge swift rivers patrolled by giant crocodiles, generally occur from May to August.  By January, the wildebeest start to arrive in the southern plains, and temporarily settle in the area for the calving seasons which continues into March.

The wildebeest population alone is estimated at around 1.5-million head, while an additional million other herbivores – zebra, eland, hartebeest, and various gazelle all add to the heaving biomass.  Even outside of the peak periods, the Serengeti’s wildlife experience has few rivals.  And this means that no matter what time of year you visit, you are bound to have several unforgettable experiences with the local predators on an unforgettable Serengeti safari. 

The Serengeti is synonymous with lions.  Sharing the role of apex predator on these plains with the large clans of spotted hyenas, the lion prides frequently exceed 50 individuals.  Prides of females typically live within the territory of a coalition of males who provide protection from transient males in exchange for the literal lion’s share of their prey.  With prides this big, the males often join the hunt, using their massive strength to help bring down larger prey to feed the many mouths.

Both of Africa’s spotted cats are frequently encountered on game drives.  Cheetah typically prefer the open savanna where their speed puts them at an advantage, while leopards are more commonly found in denser vegetation, using stealth to get within striking distance of prey. 

Serengeti Under Canvas ( Option 1 )

Grumeti Serengeti River Lodge ( Option 2 )


As the safari leg of your adventure draws to a close, the romance continues as you depart the Serengeti, destined for a tropical island retreat where you will enjoy the last three nights of your getaway.  We have selected two beautiful beach lodges for you to choose from – each with its unique attractions while maintaining the level of discreet service and warm hospitality experienced so far.  Touching down at Zanzibar International Airport, a representative will be on hand to escort you to your chosen destination.

Zanzibar is every bit as exotic as its name!  Otherwise known as the Spice Island, for the array of Eastern spices still grown there today, the island showcases the cultural influences of Africa, the Middle East, and India in both the architecture and the cuisine.  The island sits amid warm currents, with the clear waters rich in marine life and watersport opportunities.


OVERNIGHT OPTION 2:  Kilindi Resort

The first option is Kilindi Resort, which is located on the main island of the Zanzibar Archipelago.  Originally designed for a Swedish pop star, Kilindi Resort effortlessly blends Scandinavian minimalism with the bold architectural stylings of Arabia.  The hospitality ethos of the resort is very much a ‘barefoot, back to nature’ experience, reflecting a laid-back beach lifestyle where the service is understated yet refined.

Composed of various pavilion-style structures set in 50-acres of tropical gardens, the lodges’ Main Pavilion boasts a stunning ‘waterfall’ bar alongside a dazzling infinity pool overlooking the beach and the infinite ocean beyond.  The cuisine reflects the abundance of produce to be found in the area – from crisp healthy salads to ocean-fresh seafood and dishes rich in the aroma of spices.  These are served in a variety of locales, from the alfresco terrace to the beach, to the privacy of your accommodation.  The Kilindi Spa is tucked away in a lush corner of the grounds and offers guests a magnificent range of wellness treatments.

The Pavilion Suite where you will be accommodated is straight out of a beach romance fantasy.  Ocean breezes drifts in over your private plunge pool and veranda, cooling the interior.  The decor within is a skillful blend of the subdued and the ornate, with a veiled bed that will invite a late lie-in or two.  Each suite has a butler in attendance, on hand to take care of any requests and assist in planning your daily meals and activities.  

You are absolutely free to set your own schedule – be it meal times, excursions, or other activities.  Your relaxation and enjoyment are the only priorities.  With the beach on your doorstep, you may choose to settle yourself on a sun lounger all day, every day.  For many though, the azure waters are too tempting – whether swimming, snorkeling, or SCUBA diving.  If you fancy picking up the pace, various watercraft from hobie cats to jetskis can be arranged, while the local waters offer incredible deepsea fishing.  Exotic dhow cruises at sunset are a romantic treat you won’t easily forget.  You can also get a glimpse of the local culture on a tour of the old Stone Town, as well as spice tours and day trips to a nearby forest.  Please inquire at the lodge for further details of these and other offerings.


OVERNIGHT OPTION 2:  Mnemba Island Lodge

Those who have selected Mnemba Island Lodge will be taken from the airport to the crossing point from which a boat trip delivers you to the atoll where the lodge is situated.  Your hearts will rejoice as you approach the island, marveling how the waters’ color morphs from deep blue to turquoise until it’s practically crystal clear.  

A warm welcome awaits as you step ashore and are ushered into the main lodge building.  Where Kilindi got its styling from further afield, Mnemba Island Lodge fully embraces the rustic island lifestyle, cleverly overlaying raw materials such as raw thatch, coral, and palm fronds over contemporary designs.  The main lodge houses an open-sided lounge, adjacent to a beach bar and the covered dining area.  From practically every perspective, the view is a spectacular panorama of every island fantasy.  Depending on the weather, which is typically fantastic, meals are enjoyed outdoors – and it’s safe to assume you’ll want to enjoy many of these at your accommodation.  Think breakfast trays laden with tropical fruits, or fresh sushi and chilled bubbly.  Whatever you choose, and wherever you choose to enjoy it, the staff are only too happy to oblige.

Each of the twelve rustically chic beachside bandas has been situated with your privacy and appreciation of the view a foremost priority.  Fashioned of indigenous materials they are spacious, airy, and dressed in a way that just oozes tranquility.  Your bed is enclosed in a fine veil, heightening the romance, while breezes caress you through the slatted shutters.  You will love the hand-carved furnishings found in the bedroom, lounge, and outdoor sala.  Skilled massage therapists will visit you at your banda, their healing hands further deepening your bliss.  En-suite facilities, including a stunning rainfall shower, complete the ensemble.

The sense of seclusion on Mnemba Island might let you feel as if you are castaways – that is, castaways with a butler.  On request, they will arrange private dinners in a secluded forest setting.  With so few other guests, you are free to enjoy each other’s company, while wavelets ripple onto the shore.  They will also advise you of the various inclusive activities available on the island.  Use of snorkeling and diving gear is available for those with previous experience, and two-person sea kayaks are a great way to improve your chances of spotting dolphins and sea turtles.  Increasingly popular, stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) are a great way to incorporate a workout into the fun.  

For those without snorkeling or SCUBA experiences, courses run by qualified divemasters are available.  Mnemba’s outlying waters are rich in marine life and numerous reefs boast unforgettable dive sites.  Also further out, deep-sea fishing charters offer you the opportunity to test your wits against some magnificent gamefish species.

The idyllic setting is also conducive to joining a professionally led yoga class – which can be followed by a therapeutic yoga massage.

The nearby island of Zanzibar is steeped in history, and a variety of tours covering such diverse topics as its spice industry and architecture, through to exploring the childhood haunts of the island’s most famous son – Freddie Mercury – are available.  You are encouraged to dress modestly for visits to Zanzibar out of respect for local customs.  We encourage you to inquire about the availability of all these activities on arrival at the lodge.

Kilindi Zanzibar Resort ( Option 1 )

Mnemba Island Lodge ( Option 2 )

Homeward Bound

We have little doubt that it will be with mixed feelings that you prepare to leave your island retreat.  Regret at leaving paradise, and elated at all you have experienced in the course of your romantic Tanzanian experience.  Once you are returned to Zanzibar International Airport to begin your homeward journey, we bid you a fond farewell – with an open invitation to return.  Magical Africa Awaits!

Options & Extensions

A gorilla sitting in the woods, surrounded by tall trees and lush greenery. It looks calm and peaceful in its natural habitat.

Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda

Without exception, those who have been privileged to spend time with gorillas report a near-mythical experience, as if glancing into our ancestral past.  Sharing upwards of 98% of DNA, the link between our species is undeniable.  While they are massively powerful creatures – with males weighing over 400 pounds – they are by nature shy and placid.  Primarily herbivores, they spend much of their day alternating between foraging and rest.

A picturesque beach setting under a vibrant blue sky dotted with fluffy clouds.

Zanzibar Beach Retreat

For those wishing to enjoy a little pure downtime, perhaps following an action-packed safari, our Zanzibar itinerary offers the perfect blend of luxury, simplicity and all the idyllic pleasures of beach life. We have chosen from among Zanzibar’s best beach lodges options which are suitable for either families or those seeking an intimate, sophisticated retreat surrounded by the warm, clear waters of the Indian Ocean

With table mountain in the background with blue skies, the vibrant Cape Town bay with different ships docked

In & Around Cape Town

With its spectacular landscape, diverse activities and well-developed infrastructure, Cape Town offers the modern traveler the ideal destination for leisure and adventure.  It is frequently voted among the best cities to visit on vacation by noteworthy publications – and much of the local economy thrives thanks to a robust tourist industry.  Visitors from across the spectrum are sure to find the range of accommodation, cuisine and places of cultural and historical interest highly appealing.

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