Selous Game Reserve

Selous Game Reserve | Tanzania

One of Tanzania’s three World Heritage Sites, the open thickets of woodland, dense forests and never-ending grassy plains of Selous are home to a myriad of wildlife. Dominated by the Selous Game Reserve, which is Africa’s largest game reserve, and one of the biggest faunal reserves in the world, this magical region is one of the best places to enjoy a wide variety of different game viewing activities from luxury walking and boat safaris to night drives and private fly-camping trips. 

Snaking through the heart of the vast, 29,800 square miles reserve is the glistening Rufiji River, from which spreads a spidery network of channels, lakes, and swamps that create one of the most diverse ecological systems in East Africa. These shimmering lakes, rivers, and waterways are home to a diverse range of wildlife from buffalo, elephant, and hippo to enormous crocodile, pride of lion, and the beautiful African wild dog.

Join Magical Africa on a unique safari adventure into this remote and alluring wilderness and experience the wild like never before. Enjoy tailor-made day and night game drives with expert guides as you search the untamed wilderness for endangered black rhino, elephants and giraffes, or track game on foot as they follow the ancient paths of migration towards greener pastures and water. Take to the waters of the Rufiji River on guided boat safaris to experience Africa from a different viewpoint and enjoy unparalleled water-based wildlife watching.

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