Moremi Game Reserve

Nestled within the heart of the Okavango Delta, Moremi Game Reserve stands as a pristine oasis, beckoning with an unforgettable safari experience in Botswana. A haven for both wildlife enthusiasts and nature aficionados, Moremi unfolds its diverse ecosystems and rich biodiversity with grace. From the lush floodplains to the dense woodlands, this renowned reserve is a tapestry of natural wonders, offering enchanting encounters with Africa’s iconic wildlife.

Wildlife Haven

Moremi Game Reserve | Safaris

Located in one of the most accessible corners of the Okavango, with well-maintained trails and luxurious lodgings, Moremi delivers an unforgettable safari experience. Join Magical Africa on tailor-made walking, driving, canoeing or boating safaris of this incredible region and journey into the heart of Africa. 

A small cabin nestled in a field under the night sky.
10 Days

Botswana Luxury Safari Escapes | Top Resorts Edition

Whether on foot, aboard a boat, in a safari vehicle, or soaring in the air, this quintessential Botswana safari showcases the unspoiled beauty, wildlife and some of the finest lodges of the renowned Okavango Delta.

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A wooden deck with beautiful lounging furniture and a pool looks out at a breathtaking view.
14 Days

Exclusive Botswana Tour | Signature Safari

Recognized as one of the last true wildernesses, the sensory impression Botswana – her people and wildlife – leaves on your soul will be as unique as each glorious sunset. This is African safari at its distinctive best.

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Moremi Reserve | Botswana

An extraordinary montage of lily-covered wetlands, sparkling floodplains, open grassland, and dappled forests. The Moremi Game Reserve is one of Africa’s most significant reserves that is cordoned off for the preservation of wildlife and protecting much of the Okavango Delta. Moremi’s distinct double personality comprises of large areas of dry land rising between vast wetlands, attracting a myriad of game all year round.

Vast herds of elephant and buffalo wade the waterways, together with a variety of antelope, including the largest population of red lechwe in Africa. Recently introduced rhino has made Moremi the home of the Big Five, and large packs of endangered African wild dog preying on the ample menu. Crocodiles sun themselves on sunny riverbanks, while hippos dominate the deep lagoons and the distinctive cry of the African fish eagle can be heard across the water.

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