Laikipia Plateau

The Laikipia Plateau is a breathtaking region in Kenya, known for its diverse wildlife and stunning landscapes. Situated at an altitude of 6,500 feet, it offers magnificent views of Mount Kenya and the Northern Frontier District. This unique area is home to the Big Five animals, including endangered species like black rhinos and Grevy’s zebra. The coexistence of domesticated animals and wildlife creates a truly remarkable experience, making Laikipia Plateau a treasure of Kenya.

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Safari Adventures On The Laikipia Plateau

Located in the heart of Kenya, the Laikipia Plateau offers a one-of-a-kind safari experience that immerses visitors in its untouched beauty. Guided horseback rides through the breathtaking landscapes provide a unique opportunity to appreciate the region’s diverse wildlife, from endangered species like African wild dogs and black and white rhinoceroses to the majestic Grévy’s zebras. The plateau’s commitment to conservation and sustainability is evident in the establishment of initiatives like the Mount Kenya elephant corridor, showcasing a deep dedication to protecting the natural habitat. This eco-friendly approach not only allows for unforgettable wildlife encounters but also supports community development, making Laikipia a truly remarkable destination for adventurous and conscientious travelers.

The serene pool at a luxury lodge in the Kenya bush, beautifully reflecting the vibrant colors of the sunset.
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African Safari Kenya | Fly-in Holiday

Bypass the queues to visit Kenya’s most iconic wildlife destinations on this luxury air safari. Visiting three camps renowned for their hospitality and sightings, this is Kenya at its best – diverse, pristine and welcoming.

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Laikipia Plateau
11 Days

Kenya Family Safari | Beaches & Game Drives

Simba, Timon and Pumbaa are just some of the characters ready to welcome you to Kenya. Especially for families, this tour includes dining with giraffes, abundant wildlife and days on a tropical beach.

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Grand Laikipia Plateau

Nestled between the soaring heights of the snow-capped Mount Kenya and the rugged chasms of the Great Rift Valley, the high-lying plains of the Laikipia Plateau are abundant with game, including the Big Five, and offer a breathtakingly beautiful diorama. Stretching from the Great Rift Valley to the magnificent escarpments which descend into the Northern Frontier District, the 5,000 square mile plateau is regarded as one of Africa’s most remarkable conservation success stories. Once covered in cattle farms and ranches, the region has been transformed into an incredible natural wilderness that offers an unforgettable African experience.

Bisected by north-flowing rivers and streams that wind their way lazily into northern Kenya’s largest river, the great Ewaso Nyiro, vast, endless plains of swaying grasslands, strikingly deep gorges, and dense acacia- covered hills create an extraordinary terrain that is home to a plethora of wildlife.

Black rhino, elephant, wild dog, and half of the world’s Grevy’s zebras roam across a rugged patchwork of small-scale farms, private ranches, and wildlife conservancies, where exclusive and luxurious lodges or deluxe safari tented camps cater for wildlife-lovers and safari aficionados. Local Samburu, Ilaikipiak and Mokogodo Maasai communities welcome visitors into their unspoiled world where conservation is key and cool, temperate climes offer year-round comfort. 

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