Kenya Honeymoon |
Beach & Safari



Journey Type

Kenya Honeymoon | Beach & Safari

Cities and landmarks

Nairobi, Masai Mara, Chyulu Hills, Diani



Journey Type

Kenya Honeymoon | Beach & Safari

Cities and landmarks

Nairobi, Masai Mara, Chyulu Hills, Diani


Whether you are about to embark on a new life together or are simply looking for an escape where you can celebrate your love, consider a place that has long captured the imagination of adventure lovers.  Contemplate a journey where each new day heralds the opportunity to discover as much about the amazing world we live in, as you will about each other.

A place where the sun’s coming and going has inspired romance writers since time immemorial.  A place where life is at once challenging and exciting.  A place where vast tracts remain in a near-pristine state, inhabited by creatures who all seek that one thing that will ensure their legacy lives on – a partner, a mate, a lover.  A place called Kenya – the home of the classical African romance, which inspired author Karen Blixens’ classic – Out of Africa.

Our Kenyan  Safari & Beach Honeymoon Itinerary offers you all this, hosted throughout at a selection of premier destinations, each showcasing the wonders of the location, its people, its nature – and its abundant romantic appeal.

From the moment you arrive until you depart ten days later, you will experience the very best of the nostalgia of the safaris of a bygone era, where graceful giraffes peer in through the windows and tropical breezes carry fragrances and sounds that get the heart racing.

Next, you swoop down over fabled plains dotted with herds of peacefully grazing wildlife, ever alert to the sinuous predators that stalk the golden grasslands.  Hosted by those whose love for their land is self-evident, you will follow the footsteps of Blixen and Hemingway, witnessing Natures’ dramatic unfolding – whether in the thunder of over a million hunger-driven hooves in Earth’s largest land migration or the sonorous roar of a lion pride secure in its domain.

The safari then takes you to one of Kenya’s leading collaborative conservation endeavors, a place where international standards of luxury are married to the best of African hospitality.  Here, the elegant Maasai proudly share their heritage and homeland in a stunning variety of activities that set this place apart from many other destinations.  Gallop across the plains, track some of Africa’s largest tuskers and drift off beneath the glittering dome of the Milky Way.

And lastly, seclude yourselves in a private villa overlooking the warm azure waters of the Indian Ocean.  Savor the serenity of the Kenyan coastline in an atmosphere of elegant refinement, where intuitive, discreet service frees you to either surrender to total relaxation or participate in a range of world-class water-based activities.  Finally, toast your adventure, your love, and your life ahead with fusion cuisine as rich in aroma as it is in decadence.

And when your honeymoon experience draws to a close, you’ll fondly reminisce on sights seen, friends made, tastes acquired, and adventures shared.  We are sure that not only will your love for one another be elevated to new heights, but you will have acquired a new passion – a love for Africa that will endure for years to come.


Arrive Nairobi, Keyna

Touching down at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Kenya, you will be met by our representative who will escort you to your lodging for the first night of your vacation.  The city of Nairobi – the name of which originates from the Swahili term ‘enkare nyarobi’, which means ‘place of cool waters – is home to an exclusive boutique hotel nestled within a 140-acre forest dedicated to the preservation of endangered Rothschild’s giraffes.

A stay at Giraffe Manor has been likened to stepping back in time to the 1930s – a romantic era where the term safari took on a whole new level of sophistication, as epitomized in the movie, “Out of Africa”.  Furnished entirely in authentic period furnishings, the stately ivy-clad manor also contains a treasure trove of African artworks and memorabilia.

Within you will be enchanted by the cozy lounges abuzz with the latest safari gossip, experience the bar’s legendary gin & tonic (a safari staple you will come to love), and unwind in the serene refinement of the library.  Choose your preferred therapy: either wellness at the spa or retail at the gift shop.  Or cool off at the pool after an uplifting workout in the gym.  The manor presents a glorious high tea in the late afternoon, and for dinner, you can choose between fine dining or a more relaxed menu.

Your suite is the ideal cocoon within which to metamorphose into safari-mode.  With a romantic four-poster bed as a centerpiece, the room is a tasteful blend of contemporary neutral tones overlaid on plush period furniture.  Comfortable seating around a fireplace, polished parquet floors, and a spacious en-suite bathroom are all you will need to reinvigorate yourself for the adventures ahead.

Giraffe Manor

Masai Mara National Reserve

In the morning you will be delivered to the airport from which you will fly west for an hour to your first safari destination – Bateleur Camp, on the fringe of the legendary plains of the Masai Mara National Reserve.  Within moments of touching down, you’ll be off in a customized safari vehicle, presenting your first chance to have a close-up view of the wildlife as you’re escorted to the camp.

Bateleur Camp sits at the foot of a towering escarpment, in a stretch of indigenous forest rich in birdsong and cooling breezes, and is home for three nights.  True to the traditions of the bygone era of safari, the camp is an opulent oasis of sophistication amid the ancient landscape which plays host to what has become known as “The Greatest Show on Earth” – the seasonal migration of millions of herbivores that visit the reserve in search of grazing.

Divided into two sub-camps, each has a central hub housing an inviting lounge, bar, and dining area.  The front facade is dominated by an expansive tiered deck commanding sweeping views of the surrounding landscape.  Nearby, you will find a gym, massage sala, and gift shop, while a little way further, another deck is home to a beautiful infinity pool – its horizon merging with the vastness of the adjacent plains.  As you will find throughout the itinerary, meals at Bateleur are an adventure in their own right.  Whether taken outdoors around a crackling campfire or indoors illuminated by candles over silver service settings, the menu will appeal to all in its’ flavors and variety.

Spaced for privacy and appreciation of the scenery, each of the tented suites is placed on a slightly elevated wooden deck with outdoor seating.  Your butler will acquaint you with the various amenities and services on hand. Be sure to arrange a candlelit dinner for two – for an added touch of romance.   A gorgeous glass-encased en-suite bathroom; with a free-standing tub and separate shower, perpetuates a sense of immersion into the surrounding vegetation.  

Throughout the safari world, the Masai Mara is esteemed for hosting the largest mass migration of herbivores worldwide.  Typically starting in July, the southern horizon is blurred by dust.  Soon, a muffled drone of grunts, bellows, and brays arises, growing in volume until on the horizon an advancing mass approaches.  As it gets closer distant specks are revealed as individual animals – some 1.5 million wildebeest accompanied by tens of thousands of zebras and various other antelope.  In no time, the plains around you are inundated by the herd intent on the lush grazing that follows the seasonal rains.

As impressive a spectacle as this is, for the majority of visitors, it is what the herd attracts that has attracted them.  Predators.  And lots of them.  All intent on making the most of this annual banquet, while vying with one another for the pick of the spoils.  

Perhaps most conspicuous are the spotted hyenas, whose ability to both hunt and scavenge makes them Africa’s most successful large predator.  Keeping them at bay, large prides of lions are a threat to all, from the largest buffaloes on down.  Slightly built cheetahs increase their chances of holding onto their hard-earned meals by hunting mainly by day, while leopards evade losses by stashing theirs high up in trees.  Regardless of hunting technique, very little ever goes to waste with squadrons of vultures and packs of jackals quick to clean up any leftovers.

Come November and beyond, when the mega-herd has moved on, game-viewing on the Mara savanna remains exceptional.  Large herds of Cape buffalo range along the rivers, breeding herds of elephants nurture their young in their ancient traditions, and everything from comical warthogs to regal kudu criss-crosses the landscape in profusion.  

Birdlife too is abundant and diverse.  No less than 500 different species have been recorded and you will soon recognize some of the more flamboyant inhabitants such as the eight-colored lilac-breasted roller.  Arguably the most vibrant of the eagles lends its name to the camp.  Bateleur eagles are named for the French word for an acrobat – a name given to them for their flight pattern – which resembles a highwire artist pivoting for balance – as they navigate the thermals in their perpetual search for food.

This incredible array, and the story of how all this life coexists in a miraculously intricate web, is expertly conveyed by experienced local guides who lead twice-daily game drives in the cooler morning and late afternoon.  Don’t be too surprised if at some point you round a thicket to find an elaborate bush banquet or decked-out bar!

An opportunity to get a closer look at all that might be missed from the vehicle is provided in fascinating nature walks that are taken on the camp’s private concession.  Your guide will point out the tracks and other signs of passing wildlife, while their knowledge of the local flora and its traditional uses is always a treat to learn.

And since this itinerary is “all about the romance” – what better way to toast your relationship than with sparkling champagne sipped while you float in near silence in a hot air balloon.  For a little cultural immersion, a visit to a local homestead, known as a ‘manyatta’, will acquaint you with the proud traditions of the eponymous Maasai people.  Please enquire at the lodge about the availability of these activities.

Bateleur Camp

Chyulu Hills National Park

Flying now to the southeast, the exclusivity, adventure, and romance continue at one of Kenya’s most exciting community conservation collaborations, which is situated on a 275,000-acre tract leased from the local Maasai community, adjacent to the beautiful Chyulu Hills National Park.  The impressive outline of Mt Kilimanjaro in neighboring Tanzania dominates the skyline as you touch down and are met by a guide who will escort you to your home for the next three nights –  Ol Donyo Lodge – a proud member of the prestigious Relais & Chateaux association.  

The brainchild of a visionary conservationist couple, the lodge and the affiliated projects were founded to uplift the local Maasai community through wildlife conservation and tourism.  The result is a visitor experience that fuses international standards of luxury and gracious African hospitality with an exemplary wildlife experience.

The main building at the lodge, predominated by a roaring log fire, consists of a library, bar, gift shop, and expansive seating arranged under thatch and flowing outdoors onto a broad deck.  Dining locations vary according to the weather.  Nearby, a sparkling pool and deck overlook glorious woodlands and distant plains.  The majority of the staff are employed from the neighboring communities and welcome the opportunity to share their home and culture with visitors.  Close to the lodge, two hides offer photographers the opportunity to get unique shots of wildlife visiting the waterhole.

Accommodation consists of a selection of thatched cottages, each unique in its decor and design, aside from the romantic star beds and private plunge pools common to all.  From your private veranda, Kilimanjaro looms in the distance.  Within, the suite is decorated with unique artworks and wildlife photography.  Earth tones predominate with stylish furnishing arranged for your comfort and appreciation of the scenery.  Each cottage has an upper level with a glorious star bed.  With no roof above you, the sparkling heavens are a mesmerizing spectacle.  Your spacious en-suite bathroom has a large tub, showers indoors and out, and a double vanity.

Being situated on a private concession allows Ol Donyo to offer activities not available in national parks.  A popular option for riders of all levels of expertise is to set off game viewing on horseback.  The key advantage of being on horseback is that the wildlife does not feel threatened, affording you the opportunity for intimate viewing that might not be possible from a vehicle.

Chyulu Hills is a walkers’ paradise, and the lodge offers a variety of hikes suited to all levels of fitness.  In the company of a tracker and armed guide, you could explore the local caves, tick off species on the birding checklist, or roam the plains – all the while learning more about the various habitats that you traverse and the treasures they hold.  The lodge also has mountain bikes available for those who would like to set off with a guide on two wheels.

While a day trip to the nearby Amboseli National Park is an option, the game-drives on offer at Ol Donyo present excellent viewing opportunities.  As before, the drives take place in the early morning and late afternoon – with the additional option of a night drive after dinner in search of the area’s nocturnal residents, such as serval, honey badger, and pangolin.  While the Big 5 – lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, and rhino – are present, sightings are erratic.  You can however expect good sightings of cheetah, fringe-eared oryx, gerenuk, and giraffe.

Ol Donyo Lodge

Diani Kenyan Coast

What better way to round off your romantic adventure than a three-night stay at a private beach villa?  A short flight from ol Donyo takes you to just such a place – the idyllic and luxurious Alfajiri Villa, set on the cliffs overlooking the unspoiled Diani Beach and the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

Nearly 40 years ago, an Italian student went on a vacation from which he has yet to return.  He found this location and in tandem with his wife has created a unique beach sanctuary that promises the utmost privacy, impeccable service, beautifully ornate accommodation, and the best of Italian cuisine and Kenyan hospitality.

The communal areas of Alfajiri are made up of large verandas, beautiful gardens, and perched on a small cliff jutting into the sea, a cool blue swimming pool.  The property houses just three villas – Beach, Garden, and Cliff – each affording you privacy and views that will take your breath away.  

With fresh ocean breezes wafting through covered verandas, your villa has been decorated with love, with each piece of furniture either hand-chosen or specifically crafted to add an air of elegant sophistication, flavored by the cultural influences of the Mediterranean.

Dining at Alfajiri is an extravaganza of seafood – literally harvested from the ocean at the foot of the property.  Utilizing traditional Mediterranean recipes, creatively fused with African fare, and an elaborate wine list, every meal is as memorable as it is delicious.

The villas are widely regarded as among the most luxurious to be found on Africa’s extensive coastline.  No detail has been left to chance, thus creating an environment where your every desire seems to have been anticipated – freeing you to completely let go of every care and indulge yourselves in the beauty of the moment.  

Each villa has a comfortable lounge, dining area, outdoor seating, a swimming pool, and a shady pavilion.  Your dedicated butler is on hand to ensure all your needs are met, and to assist in arranging any of a multitude of activities available.  A lovely additional touch are the complimentary daily massages – what more could you ask for?

If you’re an ocean lover, Alfajiri is your springboard to innumerable aquatic activities.  Diani Beach is shielded from the open ocean by a barrier reef, ensuring safe swimming and phenomenal snorkeling.  In deeper waters, the SCUBA diving sites are world-class, showcasing reef systems rich in marine life.  For the angler, Kenyan waters are renowned for the big-game fishing opportunities – and the lodge will gladly arrange both dive and fishing charters on your behalf.  Also popular in the protected coastal shallows, kite-surfing lessons and equipment are available.  Day trips to a nearby reef for a picnic and jet ski rentals are also popular.   Since you are on honeymoon, you’re perfectly entitled to just soak up the rays and sip refreshing cocktails on the beach.

A visit to the local marine education center is a must for those that wish to learn more about this precious oceanic ecosystem.  The center is a beneficiary of the Alfajiri Foundation which is intimately involved in several marine and primate conservation projects, as well as in safeguarding the rights of children in the local community.

For those that might be missing the links, a nearby championship golf course is there to help maintain your rhythm.  And if by now you’re harboring any calorific concerns, the property has arranged guest access at a nearby gym.

Alfajiri Villas

Nairobi & Homeward Bound

Today, your romantic journey is nearing its end.  After breakfast, you’ll be flown back to Nairobi for your onward flight.  At this point, we bid you farewell with an open invitation to return.  Magical Africa Awaits!

Options & Extensions

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Without exception, those who have been privileged to spend time with gorillas report a near-mythical experience, as if glancing into our ancestral past.  Sharing upwards of 98% of DNA, the link between our species is undeniable.  While they are massively powerful creatures – with males weighing over 400 pounds – they are by nature shy and placid.  Primarily herbivores, they spend much of their day alternating between foraging and rest.

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Zanzibar Beach Retreat

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