Chobe National Park

Where the rhythm of nature comes alive. Amidst the tranquil waters of the Chobe River, the park teems with life, from majestic elephants to graceful antelopes. The air is filled with the symphony of birdcalls, while the rustling of the savannah grasses whispers tales of ancient wilderness. Here, the circle of life unfolds in its purest form, inviting you to immerse yourself in the untamed beauty of Chobe National Park.

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Chobe National Park | Safaris

Enjoy a photographic cruise on the Chobe River with Magical Africa to soak up the spectacular scenery and watch large herds of elephants crossing the river, or get an unforgettable taste of the African bush on a guided bush walk with expert trackers through the picturesque Chobe Forest Reserve enclave. Take the water in a wooden mokoro (dugout canoe) on a guided fishing trip and catch a few of the legendary Tigerfish that call the river home, or experience the fascinating cultural heritage of the region with visits to some of the traditional tribal villages on the Namibian side of the river.


Safari tents at sunset, surrounded by a lush grassy field and a lantern lit pathway.
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Chobe | Wildlife & Reserves

Famous for enormous herds of buffalo and elephant, and considerable pride of lion that have learned to hunt them, Chobe is ‘old-school’ Africa. Made up mostly of thick, impenetrable thorn bush growing in the deep sand in the northern Kalahari, the key to this area is the Savuti Channel, which unpredictably flows from the Linyanti’s waterways, flooding the Savuti Marsh in the heart of the Chobe National Park.

This vast, open grassland dotted with the skeletons of drowned trees and nutritious grass attract big herds of game, many of which pass through on their annual migrations. Zebra visit in large numbers, accompanied by herds of buffalo, wildebeest, and elephant, as well as impala, tsessebe, and giraffe.

While the region is renowned for attracting migrating animals in search of greener pastures and water, some animals have permanent territories here, particularly around the granite kopjes which are dotted about the area. Packs of spotted hyena share the plains with enormous pride of lion, and a group of resident bull elephants that have been living in the area for years. The birdlife is also excellent, from ubiquitous fish eagles to a myriad of herons and waders. The incredible fishing skills of the rare African skimmer are a highlight of the Chobe River, along with some sizeable hippos and crocodiles.

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