Botswana Luxury Safari Lodges |
Honeymoon Package



Journey Type

Botswana Luxury Safari Lodges | Honeymoon Package

Cities and Landmarks

Johannesburg, Linyanti, Okavango Delta, Kwedi



Journey Type

Botswana Luxury Safari Lodges | Honeymoon Package

Cities and Landmarks

Johannesburg, Linyanti, Okavango Delta, Kwedi


Since before celebrity couple, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton famously chose to go on a Botswana safari in Africa for their honeymoon, the continent with her exotic allure and balmy climate, has long suggested both adventure and intimacy to couples in love.

Adventure: in her wildlife, her vastness, and her diverse cultures.  Intimacy: in the African tradition of Ubuntu – emphasizing compassion and humanity – and the prominent way family and love are revered in her culture.

This exclusive honeymoon itinerary grants couples in love the opportunity to set forth on their adventure together in surroundings as sumptuous as they are wild, as thrilling as they are restful.

After a night of leisure in a stylish city hotel, you’ll be whisked to destinations in the remote wilderness of Botswana.  Enjoying a sophisticated level of opulence and service throughout, you will follow in the footsteps of both royalty and celebrities, who chose Botswana as the stepping stone to their future lives together.

Three exclusive and intimate camps have been carefully chosen for their romantic charms, along with the access they grant to some of Africa’s most prolific wildlife.  Your love will be serenaded in the magnificent soundscape, illuminated by a myriad sunrise and sunsets, and toasted over exquisite cuisine.  Among the wildlife, you will be reminded of the value of unity in purpose – where collaboration and interdependence ensure strength and survival. 



On arrival at OR Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg, you will be met by our representative and chauffeured to your lodging for the night, Atholplace House & Villa.

This romantic enclave of luxurious privacy is a fitting location at which to revitalize yourselves in preparation for the adventure that awaits.  An august member of the prestigious Relais & Chateaux Group, Atholplace has a proud reputation for providing visitors with all they will need, with an emphasis on privacy and intuitive service.

The Chef is on hand to discuss your menu preferences for the evening and utilizes only the best locally-sourced ingredients in creating culinary masterpieces – to be enjoyed in either indoor or outdoor settings.

The décor is contemporary and chic, and your room is furnished with your comfort a foremost priority.  An array of amenities ensures that all your needs are catered for, before slipping into the finest linens for a dream-filled sleep.  

AtholPlace House & Villa

Linyanti Concession

In the morning you will be chauffeured to the airport for a flight to Maun, Botswana.  From there you will fly by private charter in a light aircraft to a remote bush airstrip, approximately 120 miles from ‘civilization’.  Or so it would appear.  Awaiting your arrival, your guide welcomes you and escorts you to your home for the next three nights – Kings Pool.  

The camp was named in honor of King Gustav of Sweden who brought his new wife to the area on their honeymoon.  While details of their lodgings are sparse, we have absolutely no doubt that you will find those that await you to be fit for royalty.

The Linyanti Concession on which the camp is located, shares a boundary with Namibia, delineated by the Linyanti River which flows along its northern border.  The camp itself sits on the banks of a beautiful oxbow lake, home to a resident raft of hippos, and numerous species of waterbirds.  The central thatched building at which you are formally welcomed, reveals décor that reflects a romantic bygone era of safari, also encapsulating the ancient craft of Batswana basketry.  

The focal point of the camps’ social activities, this inviting space is where indoor meals are served, and houses a comfortable lounge and well-stocked bar.  These open onto an outdoor elevated deck overlooking the lake where you can take in the views of the surrounding floodplain and passing wildlife.  Weather permitting, alfresco meals are enjoyed in the ‘kgotla’ – where a campfire crackles as you dine beneath the stars.  You may also request private dining at your tent – for a little added romance.

Accommodation is provided in expansive tented suites, each with a private viewing deck and sala.  En-suite facilities include an outdoor shower, and you will find all creature comforts, including a well-stocked bar fridge, for your convenience.  Linked by elevated wooden walkways to alleviate stress on the environment, the suites are all spaced for privacy and appreciation of the surroundings.

Should you require a little extra pampering, a masseuse will visit your accommodation.  Or, for a unique perspective on wildlife, visit the sunken wildlife hide to watch the animal drink at close quarters.  Depending on your time of arrival, you may be able to join the afternoon safari activity. 

Kings Pool

Linyanti Concession

The Linyanti Concession is incorporated with the 313,824-acre Linyanti Wildlife Reserve and forms the crux of an important wildlife corridor with four neighboring countries.  While the area was once reserved for hunting, today the corridor promotes self-sustaining wildlife populations and reduces human-wildlife conflict.  As such, wide-ranging species such as painted wolves and elephants thrive in the area.  In fact, Linyanti boasts the largest herds of wild elephants anywhere. 

Along the river and the Savuti Channel to the west, the natural floodplain attracts large herds of plains game – zebra, lechwe, wildebeest, among others – while troops of baboons keep a lookout for lurking leopards in the shadow of the riverine forests’ old-growth trees.

Away from the river, the habitat shifts to woodlands, predominated by the ubiquitous mopane trees with their butterfly-shaped leaves.  A valuable source of nutrients through the dry season, the trees support massive herds of buffalo, while kudu, sable and roan antelope also find sanctuary.

Healthy populations of predators, including cheetah, painted wolf, spotted hyena and of course lion, roam throughout.

Situated as it is on the river, guests are offered various water-based activities.  Not to be missed is the sunset cruise on the Queen Siliva barge, during which you can spot wildlife along the riverbank while enjoying cocktails and canapés.  Alternatively, try your hand at catch-and-release fishing.  Note, that the availability of these activities is dependent on the water level at the time of your visit.

King’s Pool offers guests twice-daily game-drives in open safari vehicles, setting off in the early morning and late afternoon when the wildlife is most active.  Due to the limited number of vehicles traversing the concession, the only traffic you’re likely to encounter are the animals themselves.  Your guide will use his knowledge of the land to track down various species, doing their best to afford you sightings of them going about their daily lives.  For the fortunate few, the opportunity to follow a pride of lions on the hunt is a rare treat.  After dark, a spotlight is used in the hopes of spotting nocturnal species such as honey badger, civet and endangered pangolin.

Normally taken after breakfast, the guided walks are an opportunity to learn more about the intricacies of the ecosystem, as well as the traditional uses of various plants.  The Linyanti region is also recognized as an Important Birdlife Area, so there is also the likelihood of spotting some of the amazing birds that pass through the area.

An optional extra is to take flight in the camps’ dedicated helicopter to survey the area from the sky, perhaps spotting one of the massive elephant or buffalo herds. 

Kings Pool

Okavango Delta

Today you depart Kings’ Pool, heading south over the Okavango Delta in a light aircraft to your next destination, Qorokwe Camp, where you will stay for the next two nights.  While the name Qorokwe means ‘the place where the buffalo broke through the bush into the water’ – a mouthful to be sure – you will find the camp a place of uncomplicated elegance, whose minimalist design reflects the seeming simplicity of the surrounding landscape.

The camp is located on a private concession in the southern reaches of the delta and managed in conjunction with the local community for their betterment and that of the environment.  The Okavango Delta itself is a haven for both the wildlife and the nature-lovers who converge to witness one of Earths’ few intact wilderness areas with its abundant fauna and flora.  Seasonally inundated by rising waters from the north, the camp offers the best of both terrestrial and water-based safari experiences.

The focal point of the camp’s social activities incorporates the lounge, dining room and bar, where guests meet for meals, as well as pre-and post-adventure catch-ups.  The covered area leads out onto the multi-level viewing deck and swimming pool, from which you enjoy sweeping views of the surrounding marsh.  

There is a near-constant chorus of birdsong emanating from the trees, accompanied by honking hippos and the occasional trumpet of a grumpy elephant.  The contemporary décor lends from Batswana culture in the tones and textures, while elegant furnishings invite comfort and relaxation.  As you will have realized by now, safari need not equate with deprivation, and the bustling kitchen excels in ensuring that this is never the case.

Interlinking the central structure and the 9 tented suites, elevated walkways give the camp a sense of floating above the landscape.  Your accommodation here is a tent in name only; spacious and placed for privacy, it is a cocoon for restoration in supreme comfort.  Each of the suites reflects and welcomes the outdoors – as seen in the color palette and glass sliding doors.  Traditional Batswana prints are integrated with the plush furnishings and an array of amenities comparable to the finest hotels worldwide.  Qualified massage therapists are happy to visit your suite on request. 

Highly regarded for its abundant wildlife, the camp enjoys exclusive traversing of nearly 65,000 acres of pristine wilderness.  Numerous game species are attracted by various habitats, from aquatic to savannah, ensuring that your experience and sightings continue to exceed expectations.

Acting as a buffer between the lushness of the delta and the arid Kalahari to the south, the Gomoti Plains are the stage of many a wildlife spectacle played out before your eyes.  You will see vast herds of buffalo kicking up the dust as they move inexorably between pasture and water.  Various plains game species – antelope, giraffe, warthog – attract the interest of Africa’s apex predators – lions, painted wolves, cheetah and hyena.  Shadowy thickets hide secretive sitatunga antelope and dapple-spotted leopards.  Birdlife – from extravagantly colored kingfishers and rollers to soaring raptors – dazzle the eye in their abundance and variety.  And, this is one of the few places in the country where it is possible to see white rhinoceros; reintroduced to the area in an effort to save them from extinction.

When the water levels allow, you can join your guide on an exciting mokoro trip, where you drift quietly down watery highways in search of the deltas’ aquatic inhabitants – hippo and crocodile.  Fishing is also an option, with the bonus of possible sightings of wildlife coming to drink at the waters’ edge while you wait for a bite.

Land-based activities include extended game-drives in comfortable safari vehicles designed to afford all aboard unobstructed views at sightings.  Likely born and raised on this land, your guide is in tune with the seasonal movements of the animals, ensuring wonderful sightings and photographic opportunities.  You might even find an elaborate picnic laid out for you beneath a shady tree!

Walking trails are a great opportunity to both stretch your legs and learn more about the local ecosystem.  Your guide may even give you an introductory lesson in Batswana basket weaving. 

Qorokwe Camp

Okavango Delta

Flying now northwards to the heart of the delta, you arrive at Jao Camp, where you will lodge for the next two nights.  Recently rebuilt, Jao is idyllically located on Hunda Island.  Set amid the riverine forest, the camp is a cool oasis of luxury and style – celebrating the romantic heritage of the safari tradition.

The heart of the camp is elevated in the tree canopy – a place to gather for meals, enjoy a cocktail, browse the gallery, museum and library, workout in the gym, or simply gaze at the stupendous beauty of the surrounding water and floodplains.  If that’s not enough, you can literally jump in the sparkling pool!  

From here, wooden walkways hover over the water, leading you to your magnificent accommodation.  Once again, ‘tent’ is an almost abstract description of your accommodation, while luxurious, elegant, spacious and private hardly do it justice.  Furnished for comfort with a distinctively African style, the glass-fronted suites take maximum advantage of the outdoor vistas, tempting late lie-ins’ to savor the overall sensory experience.  The en-suite bathrooms would easily grace the pages of the most sophisticated style magazines, and the range of amenities (including a fireplace) might tempt you to focus for a moment on something besides the wildlife.

It is said that at Jao, the boundaries between land and water blur – situated as it is amid the seasonal channels of the delta.  Without even leaving the camp, you have an excellent chance of spotting various animals strolling nonchalantly nearby.  In the adjacent river, hippos chuckle, crocodiles glide, waterfowl chatter and dragonflies dance over the surface.  At night, the chorus is a full African orchestra – chirping insects, hooting owls, croaking frogs, laughing hyenas, roaring lions and crying bushbabies.  But perhaps no sound touches the primordial brain more than that of a lions’ reverberating roar rolling over the plains.

For wildlife lovers (and lovers in general) Jao’s surroundings have plenty to offer.  From fishing to full-day game-viewing, from mokoro trips to gentle hikes across the landscape, from bird-watching to star-gazing, not to mention the thrill of night-drives in search of prowling leopard, or if you are really lucky aardvark, pangolin, honey badger, genet and more.

And if it is all just a bit much, retire to the spa for some wellness treatments, or seek solace beneath the vast dome of the galaxy on your very own star-bed sleepout.  

Jao Camp

Kwedi Concessions

All too soon your time at Jao is over, and a short flight carries you to your final safari destination – Vumbura Plains.  Here too, a partnership with the local communities has created a sustainable model for high value/low impact tourism; by creating jobs and an incentive to protect the land from mass development or exploitation.  And the pride is self-evident when you arrive at the camp and are met with warmth and a smile.

Despite its remoteness, the camp would not look out of place in an architectural digest, with clean lines and a sensitivity to the surrounding environment enabling its presence to merge into the landscape.  Set in a dense band of riparian forest, the lodge incorporates wood, stone, steel and canvas in the construction of spaces both warm and welcoming.

 Slightly elevated over the surrounding water and floodplain, the central hub contains spaces set aside for socializing; the bar, lounge and dining area under cover, with an inviting infinity pool and alfresco dining area situated on the expansive viewing deck.  Authentic African artwork along with indigenous basketry complement earthy tones and textures echoing the hues of the landscape.  In what you will by now recognize as tradition, the kitchen takes great pride in keeping you delighted in the variety and quality of cuisine produced.

Each of the tented suites is furnished with bespoke pieces, complemented with beautiful objet d’art.  Along with a stylish indoor/outdoor bathroom, the large space incorporates a lovely sala at the foot of your bed.  Sliding doors allow one to immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the surrounding environment, in a space that offers ample privacy, if you exclude any passing wildlife.  Feel free to have an experienced wellness practitioner over to deliver a range of massage treatments.

At Vumbura Plains you may choose from both aquatic and land-based activities.  Mokoro trips through the narrow channels and motorized boats along the river ensure you will have opportunities for photography, fishing and exploration.

Twice-daily game-drives take advantage of the cooler hours to search for wildlife, while walks offered are both exciting and informative.  Few will forget the first time they encounter an elephant on foot!  Believe us when we say it is a bonding experience.

The concession has numerous ‘melapo’ – inundated grasslands that attract species of plains game with their lush vegetation – in particular, large herds of lechwe; a favored prey of lions.  On drier terrain, your chances of seeing the regal sable and roan antelope are best.  Throughout the traversing area, you will also see large herds of buffalo, while breeding herds of elephant are a delight, as you observe their sometimes jovial antics – particularly around water.

Whatever your preference, general game species abound, as do the predators that depend on them for survival.  You have an excellent chance of seeing various species, including painted wolf, cheetah, leopard, and even the rarely spotted serval and tabby-sized African wildcat.

For an aerial perspective, Vumbura Plains also offers guests the option of taking to the skies; either in a helicopter or drifting sedately over the colorful landscape in a hot-air balloon.  Whatever your pleasure, we are sure that your safari in Botswana will remain a cherished memory in the many you collect in your time together. 

Vumbura Plains Camp


All too soon the safari is over.  Connecting flights take you from the delta to Maun International Airport, and onward to Johannesburg, where our representative returns you to Atholplace House & Villa, for a restorative night as you transition back to ‘normal’ life.  Choose either to dine on-site or catch a cab to one of the stylish restaurants of Sandton.  The concierge will be only too happy to assist in selecting one.

AtholPlace House & Villa

Homeward Bound

After a hearty breakfast, we return you to OR Tambo International Airport for your homeward-bound flight.  Here, we bid you a fond farewell, wishing you a pleasant journey home – with an open invitation to return.  Magical Africa awaits!

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